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  1. That depends a lot on the woman. And the fact is – it also depends so much on the couple. Does PIV sex consist of the same position every time, with the guy just ramming it in until he gets his? Or is she super turned on, and they use different positions, rhythms, etc? Are they ever using positions that stimulate the g spot? And on and on. Sex studies are helpful, but they can never really tell the whole story. I've long ago lost count of the number of posts here from women who were sure they couldn't orgasm from PIV, until they met that guy that just GETS them, turns them on, does this one trick, discovered this one position, etc. And now, it's a whole new world. That's not to say that there's anything wrong with women who don't Biology is a bitch, and most of the sexual nerve endings are in the clit, which doesn't get stimulation during most PIV sex. I'm just saying that with great foreplay (the brain being the biggest sex organ in the body), great chemistry, and some imagination during sex – as opposed to rote in and out – the number of women who actually can orgasm is almost certainly higher than the number or women who have/normally do.

  2. Dude what a mess. My wife was hornier than she's ever been while pregnant. I can only imagine the sexless hell hole your life will be once she gives birth

  3. I’m gonna ask a question based on experience. Is it really that 20 minutes of foreplay is too much? Or is it that those 20 minutes are exclusively you focusing on her pleasure while she gives you nothing in return? 20 minutes of natural foreplay sounds like a blast if I’m being honest, but 20 minutes of “let me lay here while you do all the work” is selfish and unsatisfying for the person doing he work. The problem here might be that you’re not satisfied with how that time is spent, and need some attention yourself; or it might be that you’re just lower libido than she is, which is fine, but still needs to be sorted out.

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