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Model from:

Languages: en,es,fr,ja,ru,tr

Birth Date: 2002-04-20

Body Type: bodyTypeAthletic

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorGreen

Subculture: subcultureStudent

Date: June 26, 2022
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  1. It makes me anxious to do certain things like letting them eat me out 1) speaking of my own personal preference…I like the taste of pussy. I firget what movie or comedy skit I saw once but I remember the protagonist telling his wife/girlfriend dont shower, I wanna taste your day , which was of course a punchline….but I think for most guys who actually enjoy going down, do so because its a complete sensory overload. Think about it….when you have your face in someones pussy, you cant really see much,…what other senses are being stimulated most significantly? Taste and smell. When I go down, I want to taste and smell a woman….not soap. If Im just eating pussy, Id kind of rather my partner not be freshly showered. But if its been a couple days since they showered, maybe thats a bit too much lol 2) when it comes to ass eating…ok, yeah, maybe a shower beforehand is wise. 3) when youre esting pussy a lot of time the initial “taste” is gone in a minute or too. Salavia kind of rinses everything away anyhow. Afterwards your just tasting regular excretions which you arent going to pre wash away anyhow.

  2. Plan b can have horrible side effects. It is not contraception, it is emergency contraception for when condoms break or drunk sex gets carried away. It is not for planned unprotected sex, which is not an emergency. It is not good at all and can completely change your cycle and period intensity. I have used it twice, the second time caused so many side effects that lingered for so many months that I swore I would never use it again. Instead we bought better condoms and lube, and focused on no penetrative sex. I haven’t had a condom fail on over ten years.

  3. I am 33 and can’t imagine finding someone that young attractive. You feel very grown up at 18,19 but in reality when you get to your 30s you see those late teens as children still. For me anyway.

  4. Im a lil on drugs tbh bro im proud to get these sentences together english is not my native bro. Just want different views. I feel i want to fuck way to often man.

  5. Yes I know this. So I don't give oral when I have an outbreak nor would receive it. I'll still manage my risk and not have sex if a guys got genital herpes. And no it wasn't life changing because I got it from my mom when I was very young and have never known life without it. You got your threshold and I have mine. I'm too young to take on unnecessary viruses with the amount of partners I have. I'll care less in a couple decades if the sex life dies down. But having my lips be out of commission for 3 weeks a few times a year absolutely sucks soni won't take that chance on my genitals.

  6. Man..that really sucks because I don't think there is any fixing it. He said he'd changed the first time I caught him and then he just did it again anyways so I know I can't trust him

  7. 6.8 inches is on the verge of big tbh if you measured correctly, for sure above average. Do all men think if they had a 10 inch lifer would be easier I mean fr ?

  8. If you are having trouble sleeping through it, get some green earplugs. The ones I use are Honeywell Howard Leight LPF-1 Max Lite® Series Single Use Uncorded Earplug – Box of 200 Pairs.

  9. Absolutely not. He sure absolutely make sure you cum before he does. If that can’t happen then he helps you after he does. You should never be left unsatisfied after. He is obviously very selfish in bed

  10. Have him but a copy of she comes first. Basically teach him how to get you to orgasm (oral sex) before PIV so his lasting no time is less of a concern.

  11. I'm sure there are sexual things he knows that you don't. Be playful and enjoy the fact that you've taught him something. Then really go at it and show him what it means!

  12. I'm all for ethnical non-monogamy and a one-sided open relationship can work…but not under these circumstances. The OOORs that work are where one party has no interest in seeing other people, not because the other person has, essentially, forbade them from doing so, which is what your BF is doing here. It's hypocritical and controlling and raises a gazillion red flags around his sincerity and, to be frank, your gullibility. But hey, I get that don't want to be talked out of this and I get that you're willing to give this a shot but you should just be prepared for a lot of boundary-breaking and more trust issues. That's just a realistic expectation to have. You'd be foolish not to have some skepticism here but as I tell people: the way you learn to rebuilt trust with people is by taking a chance and trusting them and seeing what they do with that trust. Regardless, I do hope you protect yourself against potential STDs. I wouldn't trust him that he'll use a condom with his future liaisons so you should insist he use one with you. Good luck.

  13. She was so drunk that she couldn't even stand up. This is not an ambiguous case. It was absolutely rape.

  14. The best sex I’ve had is with my current partner but I recently learned he’s a sex addict and stepped outside the relationship with sex worker(s). If/when this relationship ends I may actually be suspicious of anyone who can knock my socks off in bed. I will probably question how much practice they’ve had. I suppose vanilla men could be SAs too. It’s sad I feel so jaded going forward.

  15. Use lube when you are alone and glide instead of grip. It will take a bit. You gotta be as gentle as you can for a while. Once you’ve gentled up on the old thing it’ll be unaccustomed to rough handling and will be much more joyful.

  16. Thanks and I would never try to convince her to go for it. She's made it clear she doesn't share that desire and I will leave it at just bothers me that she feels that I somehow love her kess because I had a desire to let her sleep with other men.

  17. Jesus fuck, how does it not register with people they are with fucking weird ass people? Yeah just have your partner poke holes in condoms, totally sane and normal!!! RuN FoREST RUN!!!

  18. Is her health OK? There's a lot of reasons someone can gain weight, and it's ok to be any weight you're comfortable with, but bug changes can have an effect on others and you can't help what you are/aren't attracted to. But the skin lesions are a concerning sign, and in thise areas it must be tough to touch her in thise without worrying of hurting her. Has she sought medical advice for these? Is she happy in her own weight gain and can ut be freely discussed as to the cause and effects of this? I think communicating your feelings before bottling them up can be more effective, but now you're here I'd say full openness is always best, gently and focusing on what's important and how you both got to this point. Also, if certain things are turning you off when she's naked, could she help by dressing up for you? You could buy some sexy outfits for her that might make you both feel better? I'd love to say that only personality matters, but everyone has turnoffs and big changes can always be a problem, so I'd say focus less on feeling bad, and more on the direction you'd like to go in ad a couple x

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