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  1. Rougher doesn't always have to mean doing what you are doing just harder. Rougher can feeling more of your weight on top of her, grabbing her butt/hips/breasts hard, pulling her hair, and slapping her butt. Even talking “rough” to her – you can be fucking her exactly the same as before, but if you are growling in her ear how you are going to fuck her so hard she won't walk tomorrow it will feel much rougher for her. But as others have said, the key is communication to get an idea of what she wants.

  2. then I'd definitely take a trip to the doctor. Is it serious/a big deal? How different is jerking off from having actual sex with a woman? Also, I have never used any lotion/lubricants. This wasn't such a problem for me, as I mentioned my wet dreams. I barely even attempted it, actually. Most of the time, when I'm horny I just sleep it off. The few times I did try it, it didn't do anything for me. I was just curious. Because I hear a lot of dudes talk about it when I'm unable to see the whole appeal.

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