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  1. If you do not want children a simple snip will save you years of this shit. She might just have a pregnancy kink.

  2. Of course I would want to know because I would hate to make them feel uncomfortable. But that being said they are under no obligation to disclose such things. That their personal decision only. However boundaries should 100% be discussed prior. That's not always necessary for a casual hookup (eventhough it's always a good idea) but in this special circumstances it should absolutely be done.

  3. I love it and what's even better is when you both cum together, I always find it extends the orgasm for both parties when I can feel her contractions while Cumming to.

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  5. Your game sucks and you missed the Cue. You could've texted/whispered in her ear something earlier that day about what you want to do to her that night, get her mind going. Then, go and tease her throughout the day, go kiss or nibble on her throughout the day do stuff you know your wife likes and reciprocates, my SO likes when I hug her from behind and kiss on her in certain spots on the neck and.. spanking here and there?. Then, when you're ready later that night, don't go texting her you're horny, this is basic and dry as fuck, hell if you REALLY wanted to let her know you could've sent a sexy pic of yourself and say “thinking about you” something. Anyways, you don't say you're horny, YOU GET YOUR ASS OVER THERE AND ACT, go and give it a shot fuck the talking go and tease her, escalate it and She may or may not sleep with you, that's fine. If she's up for it, go give her a good night, if she turns you down, don't sit there and throw a fit like a baby, just back off say okay sincerely and go do something else or go to bed. You gotta make the whole experience fun and something she'll look forward to.

  6. I mean…. That chick just full on peed on you. Also if you have to ask if a woman had a squirting O sbe mkst certainly did not

  7. I’m sorry, I’m sure this situation must be really tough on both of you. Do you know if he’s taking any new meds, particularly antidepressants like SSRIs for that matter? Or even just struggling with depression or anxiety or stress to some capacity? All of these things could easily be decimating his libido

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