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Languages: en,de,fr,it

Birth Date: 1993-05-28

Body Type: bodyTypeAthletic

Ethnicity: ethnicityMixed

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorBrown

Subculture: subcultureStudent

Date: June 26, 2022

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  1. Seems to me he is embarrassed to admit that it is just something that he doesn't like doing. You need to have a chat to him about it when you are not in the middle of sex or arousal. Allow him to be honest. Everyone has limits.

  2. Lots going on here! First of all, ‘girls today’ aren’t a hive mind. Different women will like different things. In your other comment you mentioned having sex with a women who then didn’t want a relationship with you, but did with someone else. Sometimes you don’t have chemistry and you know a relationship wouldn’t work out. I feel like you’re quite young, and have a lot of misconceptions about women in general. Again, we’re just people.

  3. Did you not read the story? It was a truth or dare besides some of the other girls also talked about sex. And with my other friend group talking about sex and experiences is normal. I was also tipsy

  4. Just tell him. A majority of people prefer honest open comms, he might just surprise you. On the other hand, if he tries to make you feel bad or slut shame or whatever now you know the kind of person he is and don't have to waste anymore of your valuable time with someone shitty. Best luck/take care.

  5. “Sex is a dirty thing and you should save it for marriage”, right up there with “Jesus loves you, you're going to burn in hell”.

  6. I am desperately trying to suppress my fatherly instincts right now! Your age and the timing (just after covid) could be a recipe for disaster. For boys that 16-21 time is crucial to learning and cultivating their social compass. Unfortunately covid has drastically limited that. My youngest daughter is 21 and she is so frustrated with the ineptitude of young boys now she has almost given up on finding someone. The university she is at has had many cases of date rape and assaults . Nothing can beat a meaningful relationship and when you play the numbers game the potential for meeting a complete creep goes up exponentially. You have to learn how to read a potential mate’s intentions before booking up. Make sure you keep a friend or two that you can completely trust around you at all times. Why did you say relationships are not really your thing? Did you recently suffer a bad breakup? Please be careful!

  7. Nothing wrong or anything to be ashamed of. From my own experience it might be that sex is not your glass of wine but you enjoy the incorporation of sex into other sexual acts and you might prefer her to finish you in a different way. For me I dont mind us having sex until I cum but I just find it hotter and 10x more enjoyable if before Im about to cum she gives me a BJ or gives me a footjob. You dont have to tell her that you dont like sex you can just tell her that maybe you want to switch it up sometimes and add other things you like into the mix.

  8. I used to only come from penetration. I came from clitorial stimulation for the first time in my life 3 years ago. So right now I come from both clitorial stimulation and penetration. I love Penetration!! And I come the hardest when the guy has a thicker penis and it’s actually hard when he slowly fucks me going deeper and deeper with each move. Also I was extremely surprised to find out that about 80% of all women do NOT cum by penetration!! And I was shocked, bcs at that time that’s the only way I could cum!

  9. It's difficult for you to not be in control while doing the fucking. One way could be something like her holding your atms down during cow girl but that still means she has to be the one in control and if she doesn't like it, she's not going to get enjoyment out if it. It's something you'll have to really talk about together and figure out if there's someway to switch roles. Ultimately though you can't force it. The majority of girls really don't like being in a dominant position. It's deeply ingrained in women yo ve submissive and do as they're told in bed. It's because of the thousands of years of history that say men are the hunters, gathers, fighters, strong in control ones while the women submit to their will and keep them happy. That's how it's naturally been for a long time so a lot of women still feel the arousal from doing as they're told. They also like to feel small so being thrown around and picked up isn't something they can usually do well with guys dye to the biological differences.

  10. I'm dealing with this exact scenario with my girlfriend of 7 years. She has no drive and tells me that it's not me, but it very much starts to feel that way. I've even said the same thing to her–it feels like I'm living with a roommate, and not a romantic partner.

  11. OP has already updated this, but just for the sake of conversation, there is no way that a guy in this situation is not catching feelings. He's inexperienced, he already likes you as a person, and you're going to give him pleasure on demand? There is no way this stays platonic on his end. Most guys already are at least a little in love with their female friends as it is.

  12. Ummmm as a girl this sounds incredibly hot! No way are you a loser. Nothing better than a guy finding you so hot he cums 6 times !!! (especially if he gets you off afterwards) In the future if you want PIV to last longer you could try a cock ring (or condoms if you weren't using them already)

  13. I say no. Just means you gave a high sex drive. It's weird women don't really talk about that as far as the truth if it. Us guys do.

  14. Can't relate. Wetness shouldn't decrease sensation unless he's going so fast that you are missing out on sensations. If he's taking it slow and rubbing in the right places you should definitely feel it and it should be making you wetter if anything

  15. We did somewhat try this, I told him to not cum for a few days but teased him in the meanwhile. It didn't change anything and he still had issues cumming until he just went soft because he was taking too long =( But it was only 3 days because he said any more than that gets painful, since I don't have a dick I'm trusting him on that lol. Also he said he doesn't really watch that much porn, again I trust him on that because we had a semi-serious talk about it and boundaries around porn.

  16. I’m kind of in the same boat. I’d say if you have someone who you can just kiss first to see if there’s any feelings for women, that’d help. I am the one who suggested it to my husband, but I want to be the main person picking our third, since it will be my first experience with a woman. I’d prefer a woman who is having her first experience with a woman too.

  17. He honestly is the most selfish partner i’ve ever had. but like i said in another reply maybe it’s because i’ve been spoiled in my past? like i’ve always been made to cum first because they even put it in me. i really don’t want to break up with him. i’m really just seeking advice on how to fix the problem rather than end the relationship

  18. I'm gonna second this. You need to get more comfortable with socializing and just hanging out with people before you try to get in anyone's pants. Working on those skills will help with meeting someone you're interested in sleeping with. Also as someone who lost their virginity to a one night stand I really don't recommend it. It put a bad taste in my mouth about sex at all for longer than I'd have liked. Not being in a relationship is one thing but at least let it be someone you know.

  19. although he didn’t seem so convinced, he still stated he’s full on board. I mean did you re-read what you wrote? from outside perspective? This is literally already a sign that he is not on board with this lol.

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  21. I would suggest maybe trying to explore your submissive side? Or perhaps some role play with your boyfriend. I definitely understand you feeling grossed out by cum in your mouth, all I can say about that is it it gets easier the more you do it which isn’t great advice lol. For me sucking my boyfriend dick turns me on because it makes me feel dirty and I know it’s pleasuring him. It sounds like you have your mind made up on the whole thing so try being more open minded and go into it with a positive attitude next time. You may surprise yourself!

  22. I've masturbated with lube before and that felt really good. If anything I tended to come much quicker that way. If I'm looking back though, I do tend to grip quite tightly, with or without lube, and she did too (she did that of her own initiative though). I'll try to masturbate with less grip.

  23. Thanks for the thorough response. So you’d say it isn’t weird or making it a big deal by bringing it up out of the blue? As for what I want: I’d like to take it a step further but more like one step at a time. So something in between jumping his bones and taking more time lol

  24. Its all about communication. Ask him what he likes. What he's into. Do some little research yourself. Maybe there are things that you are not used to and you might actually like. Sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Try EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. Withing your comfort range of course. Public sex can be exciting. Catch him off guard. When you are out maybe and he's driving start touching him slow and sensually. Then start touching yourself also. Or when you are someplace whisper in his ear that you can't wait to get home and do things to him. Basically its all about the build up. Find out what turns you on and incorporate that into it also! Have fun with it. dont overthink.

  25. Never suppress yourself. You went there for a purpose. Don’t follow someone else’s lead. If you picked something out and she seemed turned off, it’s time for a discussion Never be afraid to lose someone over something that is important to you. In general and also sexually I backed off my sexual needs for 20 years and all I did was throw away those years.

  26. Sometimes guys just prefer eating in, maybe he doesn’t like crowds or prefers homemade meals.

  27. Oh, well def find someone else, sex is extremely important to the long-term success of any relationship.

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