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  1. Ask and make sure he’s comfortable. If he regretted sleeping with men in the past I would recommend not doing it. This goes beyond what you think you want. If you’ve both been on the fence leaning towards no, don’t do it. A threesome can be like a match and oil to a relationship.

  2. Herpes can cause dementia, cancer, blindness in infants and a bunch of other problems. Then there is the pain/discomfort to think about. It's a bad thing and nobody should take it lightly.

  3. I do feel like the root of wanting to be bigger is the perpetuated myth that penetration is the most important part of sex (or that sex is defined entirely by penetration), and that penis size is the most important factor for penetration. And also, that your worth as a person is based on your sexual prowess. In that sense, PUA and Incel and other subcultures that promote toxic masculinity do more harm than women

  4. rub your clit during sex, that always gets me off. a lot of the times the guy does it for me, but if he doesn’t, i do. ??‍♀️

  5. Sorry I’d call it a wrap and break up with them. Imagine u casually saying yeah my ex gf had a nice tight pussy. Implying her sht is hella loose in comparison. U just don’t say that kinda sht.

  6. Ask her when she has visited her gynaecologist the last time. It doesn’t necessarily must be from her being unfaithful or so, but she could have some infection, for example from too much sugar(?). I think it’s fair to say it gently, yet honestly. Support her, stand by her, but visit the gynaecologist. And use condoms meanwhile. I wouldn’t be giving her a head meanwhile btw.. those things are not comfortable, but very important to be solved – sooner the better, for everyone.

  7. Yes, MILF is a good thing. I've been with Moms and they are every bit as sexy as non-moms; seriously. I totally understand your worry about your Mom-bod, but that's mostly in your head and certainly not on my mind. I can't say this enough, if I like you I like your body. Be confident in yourself and your body will be every bit as sexy as a body can be.

  8. 100% facts, it can take up to 8 hours to shoot a 10 minute scene for a porn video. Which is crazy to think. They stop and start and take breaks a lot! They also have to stop to change camera angles too.

  9. As long as you don’t work with him or would face negative consequences socially, then I don’t see a problem. At one point when I was 24, I ended up in a six month relationship with a woman who was 40. We both knew that eventually it would end as we were at different points in our lives, but it was enjoyable. She is 60 now (wet I feel old) and we recently connected online. We both still feel the same way as neither of us regretted it, it was enjoyable, and we were ultimately at different life stages. Go for it if it makes you happy.

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