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  1. You’re correct in that he’s being controlling. I wouldn’t compromise in the things you’ve stated. As others have said he’s a walking red flag and I wouldn’t stay. Don’t go forward with that request either. “No matter how painful” sounds like he does not care for your consent nor your pleasure. Your relationship doesn’t have solid trust on his end. Don’t put yourself in that vulnerable a position.

  2. You shouldn’t feel selfish for wanting sex in your relationship. It is healthy physically and mentally and a desire that most adults have. It makes you feel bonded with your SO. If she isn’t willing to see a dr to make sure it’s not a medical issue, It sounds like your girlfriend and you are no longer compatible. Your needs are different. Don’t waste more time—find a person you are compatible with. You won’t be happy forever in a sexless relationship. Most people have sex throughout their entire lives—this won’t get better.

  3. Vibrators are fun things to have and use, with and without your partner. While a lot of them are intended towards female genitalia, the vibration aspect can be used all over you and your partner, tbh, like sensitive nipples, etc. If you don't know why he bought it for you, ask him what his plans/intentions were. Maybe it was to help you when you miss him too much, or to use when you're both feeling adventurous, or to use for multiple penetrations, etc. Asking is easier than assuming. 🙂

  4. And to my point…. here’sa new post tonight from a woman looking for advise because her partner is too big. And she had the same problem before.

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