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Model from: ua

Languages: en,de,es,it,fr,ru

Birth Date: 2001-09-20

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

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Subculture: subcultureStudent

Date: July 4, 2022

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  1. This I understand, but 3 forms of contraception and still this much anxiety… it seems a bit over the top/ irrational. If you were by some miracle to conceive, at 21 your parents should be supporting you, an adult, to make your own decisions, respect them and help you through them… not instilling fear in you. If you are so scared of pissing off your parents about unwanted pregnancy, and it’s actively effecting your quality life and/or sex life, I recommend seeing a therapist about the relationship you have with your parents. You are 21.

  2. Speak to your wife again. Explain how uncomfortable you are and request a timetable for her to yall to her sister. If you have to get out of there, get a hotel room for the bight.

  3. Pubococcygeal muscles. PC muscles stretch from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone) forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs.

  4. So, why can't you just say you want to have sex? I was married for 16 years, as a husband I can't recall enough times where I didn't have to initiate sex with my (now ex) wife. One of the biggest reasons (besides her affair) that our relationship ended was because I didn't feel like she desired me. She rarely made me feel special, she didn't ever seem to want sex with me. So as that guy, having my wife tell me she wants me – I'd be naked before you could finish the sentence. Communicating clearly is fucking hot.

  5. That's just the average. If you last longer, that's fine but yeah, 3 hours can be quite extensive. Especially because it's a physically intensive act. You don't have to end sex with her jerking you off. I was merely saying that sexual activity isn't just penetration. You all could be chilling and she jerks you off and you finger her. The mind is a strong tool and yes you can psyche yourself out of ejaculating or doing so too fast for premature ejaculators. Learning to get out your head will likely help a lot. Amazon and online stores are great for finding a vast array of condoms. Trojan makes condoms ribbed to help you feel more pleasure, thinner condoms, etc. Stores will only carry the best selling ones. I honestly feel once you've gotten past the mental blocks, you'll be able to cum fine.

  6. Hire a sex worker. Talk, talk, talk, establish boundaries, talk more, talk honestly about what happens if one of you decides they can't do it, talk about how it will feel if one of you is jealous. Talk some more. And then hire a sex worker who is experienced with threesomes. Seriously. It's going to be much less hassle and much less emotional mess if you just hire someone.

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  8. Nope bye bye that's what you should do or can choose to have an open relationship in which then the spark might happen again or you might end up hating each other more so I'd say goodbye

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  10. As to the speed, it depends so much on the day. Sometimes it happens way too fast (that is usually when I try to continue and have multiple Os) and sometimes I take a long time and when I get there just one is enough. I discovered vibrators way too late in life and they have changed everything though. I have way more control over the “when” now! And the orgasms are infinitely more intense as opposed to me just using my hands

  11. There’s a free “white noise” app that you can download on any phone. It’s got multiple white nose options and there’s no commercials. I use it all the time. It’s great.

  12. Okay, thank you! I feel better now. I was just surprised at how much there was and how it was thick. I’m use to cum being slimier and more transparent.

  13. Sounds like you're just with the wrong partner and have a very different idea of what sex is like, and no chemistry. I get it though, I have a very high libido but my ex made me feel like I had none at all because he was a selfish lover, he gave me nothing to actually want it. I am a pleaser and I felt like I got nothing in return. With my current partner I feel like I am experiencing chemistry for the first time in my life, it feels magical. Our libidos match, our needs and wants in the bedroom match. There isn't a moment that feels boring or like too much effort.

  14. Sounds off to me, like he don't want another to see it but that doesn't mean..well maybe his mom uses his phone without asking often or he opened it in bible study. we would really have to see the pic. 😀 How often do you see each other and is t always the same times, does he use the phrase, “I have to go”?

  15. Thank you for your comment. I have raised my standards and I’m more comfortable with my body. I’m way more selective with who I have sex with, he’s taught me a lot. He acts like my body is perfect, like he’s just amazed every-time we are together. My confidence has even improved. And now I know what my body is capacity of, before I didn’t.

  16. This is like me when I watch porn sometimes. As soon as I come, I lose all interest as well and turn it off. I am sure a lot of people are the same. You’re Bi. Own it!

  17. Women attraction to other women is much different then man/man. She doesn't have to be a full blown, I only like women, lesbian. She might be into the girls more then her conservative upbringing allows her to be but… She might have just enjoyed the novelty and the kinky of that event and if you would offer that every single time, she would revert to her old self. I'd say, you discovered a part of your wife that might be fun to explore together.

  18. Best case scenario, this is a misguided idea of fairness. Worse case scenario, it's a common form of toxic thinking and double standard that crops up around group sex and sexual boundaries.

  19. Forgot to mention obviously age, diet, health etc. affect hormones and play huge role in both aspects of the refractory period. In terms of numbers of orgasms in one session my record is 4 but for a whole day it's 6.

  20. Not your fault. She basically said you should have hidden your disgust and kept eating her. Kind of selfish, uh? You can just reaffirm your point by saying “look babe, I love you, but that's something you needed to know. You can act childish for one night, but now that's too much. That's not the end of the world and maybe that could be easily solved.”

  21. Fair questions. I love her body, and I'm very physically attracted to her. I love to pleasure her by mouth/hand. I like sex with her. Its the only time i really feel down there. Funny you mention asexual tho, the idea of my possibly being asexual is something she brought up.

  22. i literally had to complain to one of my girlfriends 'i want to go down on you' not mad or anything just a statement of fact, soon after she let me , she was self conscious about her smell

  23. The line was drawn when you made it clear you wanted to wait until you were 18. Your boyfriend raped you. Consent under the influence isn’t consent, even if you didn’t make it clear you wanted to wait previously. I understand if you don’t want to press charges but you shouldn’t be with someone that can just decide to take your virginity as soon as you’re drunk for the first time. And being blackout, it was 10000% obvious that you were under the influence.

  24. Sounds like you already blew her mind. Just keep asking her what she likes and wants to try, both of you keep having open and honest communication, and enjoy each other

  25. I want to offer something different than other commentators : if you can financially afford this , go to a couples counselor together that also talks about sexuality . And I think personally you should be super super happy that you are the man she feels good with! Why is it a bad thing ? Enjoy the ability to be with someone you love! Life is so unexpected and it is just amazing to have your health and be grateful for it . I know it sounds unrelated , but listen please! If I can tell you one thing is that this jealousy you feel, all these thoughts around how these men that were with your girlfriend and were shitty got blowjobs and you don’t , it’s all ruining your happiness ! Try it for some time, and really please go to couples therapy if not

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  27. I don’t think so. Honestly, idc if my boyfriend wants to watch things for his sexual pleasure. Doesn’t bother me

  28. You kind of need to accept that if you’re having anal sex it might not always be clean. That tube wasn’t made to accept your bf’s dick, it was make to excrete waste material. Porn makes everything look so clean all of the time but there’s a lot of preparation beforehand and editing. If he’s too unwilling to accept the possibility of mess then it’s not for him. Edit: Changed a word

  29. As long as you're putting in an honest effort to make her feel good you really shouldn't blame yourself. Relationships aren't about being perfect all the time, they're about improving and trying to grow together as a couple. As long as you're trying to do your part and she's trying to do her part, you're doing the right things. Unfortunately I don't know where you are so I don't know what shops you have access to. My girlfriend's favorite toy is the Hitachi Magic Wand, but I've also been able to make her orgasm by using a non-vibrating dildo. In my opinion you'll just have to experiment. It might be a good idea to tell her that you want to buy her toys and ask which ones she thinks might feel the best for her.

  30. Some people like sex with clothes on, or maybe he’s waiting for you to do it. Why haven’t you taken it off, why is it in him to do it?

  31. I second that! I was about to write, take a heavy dose of viagra but it seems they already did that. He needs that get over that no matter what and a substance induced erection seems to be the only solution. If the OP reads that, I would strongly consider that.

  32. The only response for that is “well most girls wouldn’t be satisfied by your size. But here I am at least giving it a try”

  33. I swear my social media is filled with people throwing in whatever slang possible and trying to create a rap song out of what should be a simple statement.

  34. but surely if your dating someone would you not think of them as the hottest person ever? why are you dating them if you don’t think their drop dead gorgeous… i don’t understand why you wouldn’t do it over your s/o unless i’m missing something not being a boy and all

  35. Nope I am not. Most women aren't bisexual. You have also said twice now that it makes it harder to get pussy, which is not true since bisexual women don't only like pussy, I think you are just bad at it.

  36. Autism was the first thing that went through my head there. Some autistics are touch averse. Some are touch seeking. My wife and I are both touch seeking autistic. Therapy is going to be the best thing. Both individual for the two of you to work through any personal issues and couples therapy to discuss meeting each other's needs.

  37. I think it’s the pressure I put on myself to perform well, the thought of not being able to keep it up is the problem.

  38. Tried this already didn’t work :disapproval::disapproval::disapproval::disapproval::disapproval::disapproval::disapproval:

  39. There is plenty of people who don't care about weight. I'm in a Facebook group where people are so positive towards each other and some even meet real life whether for sex or not is not my business.

  40. Absolutely. There's usually some gold-worthy stuff whenever anal play and the discovery of poo is involved.

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