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  1. No I am being serious if someone isn't doing a integral part of any relationship it's best to talk about it and way options let's be real a guy can only go so long before he will try to get some anyways. But knowbody wants to hear that or believe it.

  2. To me the guy was just anxious and insecure af to me it doesn't sound like he was saying you were hypersexual it sounds like “oh no I don't have a big dick therefore I can't please her and so I'm going to lose her” , also he doesn't sound like a guy who is with you only because of a fetish, if that would be the case he surely wouldn't apologize and just go to the next WoC

  3. Everybody used to be a virgin. The only way you get experience is by doing things you are not yet experienced with. maybe he didn't have such a good time When I was in my early 50s, I had a brief affair with a woman of 22, and to be blunt, she was terrible at it. Which should not have been surprising: she had not had much practice with sex, so she was a little clumsy at it. But that is not to say I did not have a good time. She was a sweet, bright, kind girl. We didn’t work as a couple (for reasons having nothing to do with age or sex), but if we had, over time, she would have gotten better in the sack, and her sweetness, brightness, and kindness would only increase. is there anything that guys really like or make em feel good, that women usually do not know and y'all have to ask them to do it? Yes! Tell him what you want. You want to be spanked? Say, “Spank me!” You want head? Say, “Eat my pussy!” If you like something, say so. Harder, softer, whatever. Few women are good at this and very few young women. Not knowing specifically what a girl wants can give sex a frustrating, Rubik’s-cube aspect to it. It doesn’t have to be something he can even do right at the moment. What a nice moment it would be if you two were eating in a restaurant and you whispered in his ear, “I wish I were sucking your cock right now.”

  4. I had same issues initially when I got introduce to sex, but it's normal. Sometimes body needs different ways to adjust. Condom definitely make my ability to stay hard low.. in few cases it did not stand at all, point the lube inside has some connection.

  5. Take his bitch ass to the minute clinic. Your health is more important that his feelings. If you are putting yourself at this risk you are also putting any potential babies at risk. You got this!

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