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  1. I'm definitely proud when this happens! Sometimes I don't want sex, but am more than happy to go down on him. If he finishes sooner than usual, usually accompanied by lots of hot vocalization, I am very pleased with myself.

  2. When I’m down, he gives me a really nice back/shoulder/neck massage that relieves a lot of tension and makes me feel good. More than once it leads to him giving my ass some attention which leads to more. I also like getting a happy ending because a good strong orgasm can be lovely stress relief too.

  3. Pretty sure he is just hoping for feedback to figure out what really worked and what didn’t. It might also be a matter of your orgasm looking different than those from previous partners, so he might want to know what to look out for in future.

  4. Don't fuck with pharmaceuticals you don't actually need. I get this is her fantasy but sometimes you got to just pretend.

  5. I have masterbated in front of her to try and indtagste sex and if I'm honest to try and make her notice that I have a need. It doesn't come off well. Unfortunately alot of my hobbies are very time consuming and with a young family not practical. I'm into moto mx and windsurfing/kite boarding. Not easy to to just pop off. Maybe the gym might be better lol

  6. I don’t think you need to give the mindset of hookup culture a chance. You’re not hooking up with anyone random. You’re making love with your boyfriend. You have followed your own values throughout your life, to your own satisfaction. And your boyfriend has follows his. It sounds like he needs to understand stand how special the sex between the two of you is for you and that he needs to reassure you that you’re sex is truly intimate and loving. It sounds like he agrees but is maybe afraid to admit it completely. The past hookups, you don’t have to change your view, you just have to accept the past and move on. He can obviously have both kinds of sex, whereas you are interested in one. If he loves you and feels about sex with you, the way you feel about sex with him. Then all is well.

  7. Listen if her relationship with her husband is that bad that she's seeking affection else where then go for it but don't do it just to get your rocks off be willing to step into her life and make her whole again if that's the situation. But I mean if she is actually happy with how her husband treats her then I would say no. It's either all in or all out

  8. One of his favorites is ‘and who’s fault it that?’ I’m like wtf does that matter how are we going to fix this…?

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