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  1. This has been coming up a lot. For me, if my partner, makes a good seal with her lips around my head or right below it and focuses on that, even alternating between that sucking and some licking, it's good AS LONG AS… she uses her hands (lubed up) and actively strokes, squeezes, twists in a good rhythm with a varied routine on my shaft. It makes all the difference. Don't leave the shaft out in the cold, high and dry. Be really actively with your hands and keep them lube. Salivate as much as you can, messy is good; but still, lube is superior to spit for hand work. The whole gagging and choking thing has a time and place, but if someone is struggling and hurting themselves trying to give me head, I can't enjoy that. Using hands with her mouth focusing on the head is a great experience for me and a lot easier for my partners.

  2. Same with bj, if you’re jaw gets tired use hands for a second. The best bjs involve the hands anyway

  3. We use them a few times a month. The premium silicone brands are worth the price over the cheap Amazon sleeves. If you buy the good ones and warm them up first, it feels quite realistic. It's a hell of a lot of fun. She gets to have any size she wants and I can last forever. More or less sleeves let any couple of any age play 20 YO porn star. We completely stopped using dildos once we got into sleeves. Dildos cannot compete with the intimacy and intensity of a sleeve since you are having actual sex.

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