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  1. You know her better than us, has she given you any indication that she would be interested at all in a threesome? If so, tell her. If not, let the fantasy just stay a fantasy

  2. It it’s anywhere near where you live you will 100% see someone from the church community there eventually.

  3. Damn your husband is a lucky bastard. There's a lot of variety in how easy it is for girls to orgasm. I've been with one girl who was similar to you. She could orgasm literally a dozen times over the course of a few minutes and would make me stop moving but stay inside her while it happened. Pressing into her slightly would trigger another orgasm. Other girls required 30+ minutes of direct clit stimulation to have any chance of orgasming. As for the peeing feeling, you might be able to squirt if you relax and he kinda presses up underneath your clit. As for the pooping, not so sure about that.

  4. The best way to make it deeper in that position is to have her legs over your shoulder. Otherwise I’d suggest doggy maybe

  5. Yes, comunication is key to good sex and when it comes to life threatening experiments ALWAYS have a safe word/gesture to keep control.

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