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  1. She made you go for testing. I know it was long ago but do people not get tested? I get tested for stds every 3 months. And even more often if I have different partners.

  2. Is there any ways I can seem experienced and exciting during sex? Probably not, and absolutely! If you're not highly experienced in the rack, but pretend to be, it'll probably come across very strangely, like you're playing to what you “think” he wants. You can become more knowledgeable by reading (I have some good recommendations), bring what you've learned to bed with you & y'all give it a go. If y'all like (technique xyz), it stays, if not, try what's next. You can be more exciting during sex by being more excited. There's nothing better, in my mind, than an enthusiastic lover. Again, plenty of reading will serve your mission well. Most important, y'all enjoy yourselves and each other. Most men don't brain fudge their dating lives, you don't need to, either. There's a saying in The Ethical Slut that states “nobody has ever suffered from low self-esteem during the peak of orgasm”. I think you'll find it's quite true. Any specific questions? Please feel free to ask me if you like. Have fun ?

  3. She's told him multiple times that she does not like it. After the first time she told him he was violating her consent.

  4. It’s probably better for her to change her mind while sober then to regret a decision made under the influence.

  5. You don't want to give up on him altogether, but it sounds like he's not willing to change himself for your sexual benefit. He should be trying to cum slower, and in the meantime, he should be giving complete oral.

  6. Thing is we weren't going “rough”. That's what the most confusing part. The issue was she felt wet but also there was friction. I was going in and out and she seemed to be getting wetter but then I did one slightly deeper thrust and next thing I feel a sharp pain. But I completely agree we both need a break from anything sex related and I am trying to convince her we need to make lube a regular thing and not just rely on our bodies for our own safety. Thanks for your advice.

  7. My ex started off like this before he’d hear no’s as yes’s. I don’t want to scream leave but it’s basically word for word some things I texted to crisis helplines :/

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