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  1. Should I try just sucking/licking while he’s soft to get him hard? Yes, yes please. That's what my SO does and it's INCREDIBLE.

  2. After something interfered with meeting monday, my guy and I met on tuesday for some fun. Although he always said he prefers ahaven (but doesn't mind if i am not) he is now all over me not being shaven, even asking if i would mind to not shave for a while? he doesn't even know why. Same goea for my relatively small boobs (prefera bigger ones but admitted he really loves mine). Anyway afterwards we cuddled for a while and when I said he looks like he could use a nap he said “no but if you want I could fill you with cum a second time”. We just had sex once when we meet for 1 year after having multiple times for a while so this was a really pleasant surprise. As if this wasn't already hot enough, we moved it from the sofa to a yoga mat on the floor. While he had some problems getting ready initially that was a different experience. He also said just looking at me down there extremely arouses him, which was weird to me (he compliments me on other things too but I never heard someone saying my lady parts are “pretty” lol)but made me feel good as I am really conscious about my body. Was my first time not in bed/on the sofa. But why did not one tell me that sex on the floor is much more exhausting than on a soft surface? ? The next day he texted he has to admit that that session was extremely good. He really likes the sex we have but when he says something like that it is something for the books that needs to be repeated. Now looking forward to next week and already making plans for spending a night together in two weeks? It feels pretty good to have someone say he wants to spend time with you and wanting you physically after never experiencing this

  3. In my experience it might “hurt” a little but or feel like a big stretching sensation. I put hurt in quotes because it isn't like a papercut or hitting your knee on the corner. It hurts the first time but the second time you know what to do.

  4. No need for kids, because kids need a lovable and stable house and a father who will not even care of the needs of the mother and wife is just a bad example of fatherhood. But I will love my kids although I'll never love the woman im with, I only want sex and kids from a woman. I also want my kids to have a mother figure but I fucking hate all that romantic shit and I dont care if a woman loves me or not. I'll just pretend to love a woman just so that she gives me what I want

  5. Me too! I completely understand I am horny all the time as well, and I have allowed myself to express it to those close to me. Masturbation is nothing to be ashamed of, it is completely natural, even when you are sexually active and have a partner. A lot of people are not honest about masturbation or their sexual drive, so even though your friends may not talk about it, it does not mean it isn't there. It's healthy to have a sex drive!

  6. Yeah, imagine sitting at dinner and another person says to you ” Hey, Bob tells us your vagina is as big as a train tunnel, but he says you at least give decent blowjobs, so I guess there's that.” Nobody is going to just laugh that off.

  7. As someone who held out because I was scared and had zero experience, just wow. It’ll hurt to leave now but think about how this will affect you and her later. What if you do have sex with each other? How much longer before you get bored? Given that she is the one who does not want have sex yet, that breakup will hurt her more compared to you leaving now.

  8. CNC is a pretty heavy kink that takes a lot of seriousness and responsibility. It's literally about role-playing non-consent. It's not to be done lightly to fix some awkwardness in bed.

  9. …she never asked me to stop. The one thing he needed to do was listen. The one thing she needed to do was speak. Who wasn't doing their part?

  10. It sounds like classic porn addiction. In the same way people get addicted to gambling people can get addicted to porn. It affects mostly men it seems, and basically they condition themselves to only be able to get off to porn, and often the material they look at escalates over time so they need more and more extreme porn to get off, stuff they would have never normally been interested in. Eventually real partners no longer do it for them because they have become accustomed to BDSM transgender purple dinosaurs or just stuff that isn't 'normal' for most partners. Either they can't finish or they have to think of porn to finish, and some can't even get hard in the first place. That is called porn induced erectile dysfunction. There are subreddits for help with porn addiction, but the general idea is that they have to give up porn if they want a functioning sex life. There is also a subreddit called love after porn which is for partners of porn addicts, they help navigate the process because it can really kill your self esteem and cause trauma when your partner is behaving like this. Ultimately if he doesn't even try to sort this issue out you must leave him for your own physical health and wellbeing.

  11. You know the itch feeling just before ejaculation? It’s from semen pooling up outside the prostate gland. Massaging it gives you the same feeling. Having something pressed against it compresses the area so when semen start pooling in there, the feeling is stronger. A prostate orgasm, in a way, is not an orgasm at all. The compressed area just no longer allow semen to pool and ejaculate from muscle contraction. Instead, semen just start to leak out as soon as it’s emitted. Meanwhile, you’re having the itchy orgasmic feeling throughout this time, giving the impression of a prolonged orgasm. You can control it to never ejaculate too, but doing this for too long like a hour plus can give you blue balls, which can be quite painful.

  12. Just create an OF Twitter and and Instagram can be pretty strict on what spicy stuff is/isn't allowed and photos will be pulled for the smallest things, too many removals will get your account banned

  13. OP seems like a bit of a red flag. In one post, she was trying to get people to “find” (basically make up, they're strangers on the internet) context for a guy not wanting to have sex on the first date, even though he made himself clear. She should've just accepted the no and taken what he said at face value instead of trying to find some hidden meaning.

  14. I can agree that most women don’t care if, they cum every time, they probably just love being with their dude anyways. I have heard a LOT of chicks say, it takes them forever to cum. (I’m sorry, I can’t relate to that but I wonder if, this is a catalyst for your waning interest?) If you feel like you’re letting him down, or he’s feeling dejected, would it make you happy to encourage him? Could you guys get pumped on exploring new ways to get you off? (Hopefully, ways that don’t give you a negative physical reaction after.) TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK. Good luck! 🙂

  15. I'm a similar issue Limp not much but erect above average, had hang ups for years, but I've never had complaints, you should tell them he's an amazing lover, and definitely the orgasm comment ????????? enjoy your sex life it sounds fantastic

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