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Languages: en,zh

Birth Date: 1999-02-19

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

Ethnicity: ethnicityAsian

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorBrown

Subculture: subcultureBears

Date: June 26, 2022

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  1. I'm a guy man. I'm not suggesting their lips wrapped around my pinky toe. Do I really have to spell it out? Haha I'm not gonna tell you an exact number of how many women I've eaten out dude. Well over 5 ok. Fewer than 33% have tasted strong or smelled bad, and the women who were like this were aware of it and made an effort to be more pleasing. The next 33% tasted mild or smelled mild, and often would be less so or slightly more so depending on the time of the month or what activities they did. The last 33% didn't smell or have a taste at all. Perfectly ok for someone to have preferences based on their experiences. We all have a short time on this earth. But I had to say something, also, based on my experiences, when this message of women smelling or tasting bad is a very unfortunate source of shame for women.

  2. Losing an erection is complicated. While it could be physical or hormones, I think most times it's tends to be mental. He might be worried, stressed, can't stop thinking about some particular challanges presented by the pregnancy. Lot of different things. He might not even know why. I have had months randomly where I just couldn't get my head in the right place.

  3. 1) it depends on the person some men can’t stay monogamous even if their life depended on it, and the same could also be said about women. 2) if you don’t want an open relationship then he’s not the one for you set him free so he can go mess with whoever he wants.

  4. Once you cum how long does it take for you to be ready for round two? Does it also happen after you masturbate, you cum and you're done for x amount of time?

  5. Once you cum how long does it take for you to be ready for round two? Does it also happen after you masturbate, you cum and you're done for x amount of time?

  6. Don’t overthink it some people have a harder time with orgasms and that’s ok if she is comfortable with it I know the need to perform well for our partner is strong but sometimes we sabotage ourselves by over trying and over analyzing.

  7. He's gonna love it and either didn't know exactly what it is or doesn't want to show how excited he is and rock the boat.

  8. These aren’t CNC, getting tied up and fucked is just shibari, it can have a CNC dimension if you are playing along telling him not to and wanting to break free but can’t, but this is a very much optional role play extra. Free use when sleeping again just isn’t CNC, if you wake up and add in a “stop what are you doing” role play element and it’s pre-agreed that he can override this due to role-play dynamics then that’s CNC, otherwise it’s just consented to sex. Also CNC isn’t rape apology, it’s consensual it’s totally different. It isn’t my jam, but it sits in a different plane of existence from actual rape in the same way as impact play is very different from hitting someone randomly in the street.

  9. More normal than you think. And those women who can orgasm from penetration often can only do so in a very specific position. Lots of experience, combined with good communication and a partner you trust and can feel open with is will increase the odds. Once you find what works its pretty fantastic.

  10. Have both of you considered going to a sex therapist together? Not all the time, but I would say most of the time (unless there is a medical issue involved), lack of sexual intimacy means there isn’t a lot true emotional connection/intimacy and playfulness present which usually means that there’s a lot of stress in the relationship… which then creates a negative cycle. These could also help — Sexual Initiation Style Quiz: Sexual Arousal Type Quiz: I also recommend your partner read the book Come As You Are and work through the workbook, too. I’d also recommend the book Wired For Love for both of you to read together. I’m biased because I am a sex and couples therapist, but I’ve had clients come to me and say “our relationship is great but we just don’t have sex” and upon further digging there’s a LOT within the relationship that’s contributing to the lack of sex between the couple.

  11. I'm really mega sorry this happened to you, because I'm currently going through a police investigation for the same matter. Sadly there are some exceptions to the rule when it comes to men. Some guys believe that they are entitled to sex, and coerce women into believing that they did indeed “ask for it”. This is pretty much what happened to me. Then there are the men who are so terrified that they will be accused of rape one day by a woman that they go on the defensive and say “Well I'm not that sort of guy”. We're trying to dismantle rape culture, but if anyone wants a conversation about toxic masculinity, sure. PSA: No man is EVER entitled to sex. Two yeses, one no. Please take care of yourself, OP.

  12. Yeah. Apparently in the UK you don't even need to give them your real name – they don't care. They have no need for it because they won't be trying to bill you down the line. Makes you wish the US could do the same, but we wouldn't want to make it harder for the wealthy to maintain their current level of control now, would we?

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