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  1. i think in this context they meant OP could just ask what he actually wants to know which is “am i her number one”, “does she truly love me” and “did she only settle for me” rather than asking why she did this thing that very probably doesnt even have the same meaning to her as it does to OP. the answer to that would probably not get him further in what he actually wants to know. thats why the commenter suggested to ask more directly what OP truly wants to know.

  2. Yup, Heels, like SEXY ones. Pair that up with something you would wear to the club and you're golden. Remember, he likes seeing you in them, so whatever positions you do, be sure he has some type of view (ex BJ from the side, not the front of him…kinda like a sideways T). You are the star of the show, so own the role! Have fun!

  3. Something as simple as “you did nothing wrong, sorry I left abruptly, I just really enjoyed that kiss and I was a bit overwhelmed in the moment” This is a really good way to put it, as well.

  4. I watch cooking shows all the time saying I'd like to cook that. But when it's time to actually cook I go pick up my order from the restaurant like any sane person.

  5. Depending on how you have set your limits on intimacy, visual stimuli of others might not be okay. There's a conversation to be had there. Text her and tell you miss her in more than one way, keep it flirty, fun, but encouraging that she's having a good time away. You want to convey longing not clinging. As for myself I usually read something on literotica or chyoa, and have a hands-on experience.

  6. Oh, i know about demisexuality but that's not what i was refering to. Demisexuality has nothing to do with how your partner shouls act and it's possible to be demisexual and polyamorous. Just means you need to bond with or love someone before feeling sexualy attracted to them.

  7. May I ask if it was due to an injury or diagnosed with something? You don't have to answer if you don't want to.

  8. That is cervical fluid that changes in texture and quantity Based on your the stage you are in your cycle. It’s normal, absolutely normal as long as it doesn’t have a could smell or weird colour. You know there are plenty of recognised websites (clinics) that have accurate info on that. Is not men that have to confirm is fine, but your doctor or sexual clinic. Get to know your body and his it behaves throughout the month, and you’ll feel more comfortable being able to recognise certain Signs

  9. DUDE she literally cheated on you????! She’s clearly just using you. I’m sorry to say it but if you don’t have the guts to break up with her no one can do it for you. But it’s very clear she’s just using you and is absolutely not in love with you.

  10. I would do this when I was a teenager… sometimes I can’t sleep without the release. Thankfully it’s been when I’m on a bunk bed away from people.. idk if it’s less weird because I’m less likely to make sound since I’m not male?

  11. How about you tell him that you both do a test to make sure you both are fine. Bleeding can happen from time to time if he hits a weird spot or it gets a bit rougher, a drip of blood can look quite big if mixed with additional fluids. If you test is positive you have to tell. Him. In some countries it's illegal to keep it a secret, something like intentional harm. If you tell him you are fine since you didn't know yourself and he has the same fault for not wearing a rubber in a new relationship.

  12. Men are amazed by this, yet simultaneously completely understand when young men cream their pants while making out. It's very understandable and not really even that mysterious.

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