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  1. He's controlling and abusive and literally wants to rape you anally as punishment. End the relationship forever.

  2. Yeah, it is revoltingly painful. Most of us have been there. It will take some days to feel better. Well wishes.

  3. Some people just have strong aversions. I’ve dated two guys who refuse to touch their own cum and if it got on them, they’d have to shower. There may not be much she can do about it, just like I cannot stand the texture of certain things and it’s a visceral response in my body I can’t control. While I understand how this may feel for you, try not to take it personally!

  4. Interesting, what I was seeing was that there are significant restrictions and you have to demonstrate distress/harms however, you live there and would know the laws better. I was just pulling random names from a list.

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