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  1. Why don't all men just not use their dicks then? I would assume they enjoy the sensation they get from using it. But you can do that too, just as well. Following up on that women should stop doing PIV entirely, just buy a fleshlight and use that. Aside from the obvious purpose of procreation, probably because it's still enjoyable. But plenty of that does not come from the size. All of your criticisms are based on the idea that a cock doesn't have any use in sex, but I've never said or implied that. All I've said is that you can have a satisfying sex life (not to mention an emotional connection to your partner) without a big cock, and in fact, even without one at all. You seem so married to your bitterness that it's blinding you to even that possibility. FWIW, that sounds a lot like depression to me (not a mental health professional, but someone who also has depression), so it's worth thinking about seeing a professional if you've not already. Best of luck out there.

  2. You could just not. Be available to her while she does it. If a woman is without a husband, and her (sexual) craving becomes intense, some of our companions have said it is permissible for her to take hold of the akranbij, which is an object made from hide in the shape of a penis that a woman can insert, or something similar to it made from a cucumber or small squash.” Just change your perception of” without a husband “

  3. Yes, his comments are really insulting and derogatory. Women who can come from penetration alone are not in any way better or worse than those who can't. I mean, he honestly just seems excited about less work he has to put in lol, not really the quality most people are looking for in a long-term partner anyway.

  4. This is a thing when going to the extremes. There is a huge high, and then comes the drop. And you get addicted to the high. Try to find something to keep the mind occupied (work, school, whatever) – but this is the reality until it becomes more normal (which is will do in time – promise).

  5. This fellow and his friend were treating you and your friend like property. Do you really need to ask if that's normative?

  6. OPINION SEEKING, POLLS, VALUE JUDGMENTS OR VALIDATION POSTS. This forum is not for simply collecting opinions – “do you think [X] is hot?”, “Women, do you like [Y]?”, “What is your favorite sex position?” and so forth.

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