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  1. Thank you for your submission to /r/sex. Your post was removed because it appears to be a question about birth control or if you or someone else might be pregnant. These posts are not allowed. The topics are well covered by the PREGNANCY FAQ in general, and, if you're worried about a specific incident, no one can really know the likelihood that it resulted in pregnancy. You might also find the FIRST TIME HAVING SEX FAQ helpful as well. Also, please check the TOP POSTS FROM THE LAST DAY WEEK MONTH YEAR and ALL TIME. If your post was not asking if you or someone else might be pregnant or a generic question about birth control, then feel free to message the moderators and ask that your post be restored. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

  2. With the standard disclaimer that “everybody reacts differently to medication” my experience on that same medication is that it wasn’t until I was able to completely titrate off of it that I was able to recover my ability to orgasm “normally“. I was able to climax while still taking it, but it was so much harder and would take me somewhere around 60 to 90 minutes of focused masturbation to get there. I did not try to come during partnered sex much at all because I knew it would just take too damn long and I didn’t want to wear my partner out though I think I might’ve been successful one or two times. I will say, though, as annoying as that, side effect might’ve been, I needed the medication, and I don’t regret being on it at all even if it made orgasm more challenging for the six or so months I was on it

  3. I understand I snooped and I feel bad about that. I guess the biggest things I’m trying to come to terms with his is how there doesn’t seem to be any separation in his brain between porn = sexy time and everything else. I can’t imagine someone scrolling through instagram to see a friend, a coworker and then boom, ig porn-type account. Like it almost feels a little bit more intimate to casually look through these things, and then save it when you’re not trying to jerk off to them. Isn’t it weird for him to look at porn right beside me? Isn’t it weird to look at porn before having sex with me? It feels like porn is a bigger part of his life than I am comfortable with.

  4. Wait. I rushed into it with my first boyfriend and it sucked so much, it was painful and I ended up regretting it. Don’t rush it, wait for the right person 🙂

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