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  1. I think that’s def been true before. But now I’m married and I’m super comfortable with her. What sucks is that now I’ve had to ask her to re-concentrate on me because we started being all about her. But she was super into it and has been great.

  2. If you don't like getting touchy in public, there's nothing wrong there. My gf and I are both pretty shy, and I am very weird about touch, especially initiating it for the first time. So we didn't do any more touching in public than hugging and maybe holding hands on a walk,and even both chickened out on what should have been out first kiss. So yeah things moved slower than if either of us had been just a little less shy/awkward. I made sure she knew I was still interested by scheduling our next dates before the current ended. When it finally came down to breaking the tension, I invited her to my place to cook her dinner and watch a movie. It took us two movies, but we broke the tension by just cuddling on the couch then, eventually resting our hands on each other's thighs. Then did the whole lock eyes and kiss thing, and things moved fast. All of this is to say, with two shy people somebody has to break the tension or you'll both just be waiting for a move. If you aren't comfortable being overtly touchy in public or being very clear verbally. You have to try to set up a situation I which you are comfortable, and things will move. That's not very conducive to hookups unfortunately.

  3. You're taking quite a few layers of precautions, so I wouldn't worry. Very low pregnancy risk with all that you've done.

  4. Trying “not to like” something rarely works. You like it, no big deal. You can't exactly control what your body responds to arousal-wise. It is what it is. You can have arousal towards something and still indulge in other sexual interests. You can fantasize about something here and there and never act on it with anyone. Tons of people have fantasies they have no interest in making into a reality. Just try to accept that sexuality is kind of weird and you can find this arousing while still attempting to cultivate a wider palat of sexual interests. Over-reliance on this fetish (most niche fetishes) can become an issue when it comes to finding a partner sometimes. But having it thrown in with a wide range of interests, especially with no intention to act on it, is somewhat of a non-issue in my opinion.

  5. of the 50 or so men i’ve fucked no refractory length was a “small minority”. there’s a ton of guys that rip off the condom as soon as they cum and slap a new one on. cum at least 5 or 6 times in a row. never known a woman who couldn’t cum consecutively.

  6. I can't say that I thought about it much, but usually if I slide my hand down my wife's back like that when I'm giving her a hug it's because I'm planning on pinching her bum.

  7. The comments here are ridiculous. So what if you do have a kink? It doesn’t define you as a person, it’s just what you like in bed. There are all kinds of weird ways people figure out they’re kinky. Yes, it’s also possible that you don’t have a kink and the high emotions of the situation got to you, but if you were regularly getting off at thoughts of a woman who’s always mean to you, it’s pretty damn plausible. Either way, you’re not going to get clarity unless you stop judging yourself so harshly before you can even begin. And no matter what, do not go anywhere near this girl again. Enemies to lovers is for fiction and physical assault is unacceptable no matter the gender. You don’t need to get sucked into her bullshit again.

  8. It depends on the car I have an audi A4 there is space but not enough enough regardless its a fun experience so do it

  9. Honestly, after having sex bareback and then going with a condom, who in their right mind is going to like the glove?

  10. You are allowed to ask about it. There are no negative effects of “masturbation.” Your physician may not have a depth of knowledge on kink. The one thing I am required to take action on is if you tell me you're going to hurt yourself or someone else. So speak carefully if your kink appears to involve harm. Make it clear that you understand consent. The foundation of all kink is informed consent prior to engaging it. Most of us have heard pretty much everything . So feel free to ask of if your physician is willing to talk to you about it.

  11. I opt more for the heavy breathing (panting, gasps, etc) and “oh!”s or little comments here and there (that feels so good, I'm so close, etc). If a natural moan comes of it, then hoorah. But if I focus on trying to force something, it takes mental energy from focusing on how it feels. My adhd doesn't help so I swap between some sort of blindfold for when visual stimulation is distracting or exnay one when I start getting trapped in my head.

  12. Have that conversation again, but not at the time of the inappropriate touching. It needs to be separate so he doesn't feel like he's getting scolded like a poorly trained dog. Scolding him in the moment probably doesn't sink in like a conversation without being in trouble would.

  13. No you're not, nag seset ka lang ng rules syempre for your own safety. Ako as a woman kapag inaask ako ok lang may condom sakin.

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