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  1. ignore all the comments here about the tattoo being a “reminder of your actions”. so long as you feel okay with the trade off, and you feel like it’s a safe situation where you could decline at any stage and it not get weird, it’s perfectly fine. there is nothing inherently wrong with trading sexual favours for things like money, possessions or tattoos so long as each party is comfortable. it only comes down to your feelings on it, and by the sounds of it you’re fine with it. enjoy your tattoos and i hope you continue to enjoy them for many years to come.

  2. I mean, it's weird that he seemed kinda revolted but the childlike thing probably is right, if I was trying to go down on my girlfriend or finger her and I kept thinking of children I would be turned off fast. I say just stop shaving as much and if he still does the same shit be worried then, until then though he just overreacted a bit I kinda get his reasoning, I wouldn't be the same way but maybe he has a lot of intrusive thoughts he just doesn't mention.

  3. Why are you in older men? Do you come from abusive households or had an abusive father? Have you been in therapy?

  4. I really don’t know what to say in response. Like what is the response to something like that? He wants dirty talk to help get off. What brand of talk depends on what he likes.

  5. When you talk to him, make the visit not about his libido. Honestly the last part of your post concerned me about his feet hurting, exhaustion, not eating. Im not a doctor but i suspect that lack of libido is a symptom of his health issues. He really should get a fully check up just for his well being. I also echo everyone else. Do NOT have children until this is sorted. Libido aside, having a spouse with potential medical issues on top of having children could/would be way more difficult than lack of sex life.

  6. You should look at the survey data lol HIV-related sexual risk behaviors (SRB) in the past 12 months included sex with ≥ 4 opposite sex partners, exchanging sex for money or drugs, and sex with an injection drug user; an HIV-positive person; a male who previously had sex with a male [women only]; a male [men only]; or a partner who had sex with other partners. […] Overall prevalence of condom use was 24.8%; only 33.8% of adults with at least one SRB reported the use of a condom.

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