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carolina_uribe naked stripping on cam for live sex video chat


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Model from: co

Languages: es

Birth Date: 1991-05-14

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

Ethnicity: ethnicityLatino

Hair color: hairColorOther

Eyes color: eyeColorBrown

Subculture: subcultureHousewives

Date: July 4, 2022

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  1. Some (not all or even most, but some) of the kind and vanilla ones are secretly not vanilla, but are afraid to show their kinky side for fear of being judged negatively. My nerdy, introverted wife showed up to one of our early dates with handcuffs stenciled on one of her nails, which was a great signal to me that I could tentatively open up about also being a freak behind closed doors with a partner I trust. Are the vanilla ones aware of what you want? If so and they're still vanilla then sorry. The guys you want do exist, though.

  2. If anything that just changed the type of pressure from ''I need to last longer to please her'' to ''I need to finish quickly so she doesn't get bored''. I don't know how a sex club was going to help in any way…? If anything that's just public humiliation if he fails. I would also say that lying to him about how you feel is just a bad idea in general. If he knows you then he probably knows you're lying so he now doesn't really trust you. I think you both need a heart to heart and you need to back off with your weird tactics to get what you want. It doesn't sound like you've done anything helpful at all, from what you've said anyway.

  3. I think this person assumes you are labeling a straight guy as bi because he like anal penetration but OP says he is openly bi.

  4. People keep saying, “He/you both seem young.” I don't think that is near the big part of these matters people think it is. It is more likely someone isn't experienced in knowing how to last longer when they are young, but plenty of young guys can last a long time and plenty of older guys cum way faster than they want under some circumstances. Age is a factor, but one of many factors that go into this.

  5. Yeah, you're right. Besides, everything is still being planned, so might as well throw in the info that at least one person is gonna have their first time there. I'm usually a hermit because of personal reasons that I'm comfortable talking about, so yeah, a first time is always gonna make someone nervous, but still, I'll enjoy every second of it. Off to a new year with a headstart!

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  7. Thanks for answering. Was not aware that there is a rehab for sex addicts as well. Does sex withdrawal also cause the same physical symptoms as drug withdrawal?

  8. I’m considering this. We’ve talked about it and I think she wants to do it but nervous to ask. I like the idea. So I bought toys and lube and did a ton of research. Here’s what I learned: Butts are delicate. They have to be treated in a pretty specific way to avoid injury. You can’t just go to pound town on him like it’s a porno. You gatta ease into this and go very very slow. But that’s part of what makes it cool. There’s some prep work he can do to make for a better experience. Well detailed in other places. Short. Version: if he can poop a few hours before, that helps. Lots of folks leave it at that. Water or saline enema makes you feel cleaner and less self conscious. Takes some time, and is not really sexy. But once done, you have a far less chance of seeing traces of brown. I’ve been trying solo here and there. A set of plugs makes a huge difference, specifically beginner plugs that have a taper and big flared base. Some plugs with smaller bases can end up inside, in which case a doc visit is needed. So a plug with a t shaped base is a good idea. For your strap on, get a set labeled for beginners. It comes with a small diameter dildo with no texture. This is a key feature. Larger diameter and/or texture…doesn’t feel nice for me at this point. To start, a prostrate massage is less scary, and honestly the best feeling part. That’s a careful finger up the bum, palm up if he is on his back, and curling the finger. There’s a slightly firmer mass of tissue you’ll feel. That’s a prostrate. He might lose his erection. That’s absolutely fine. Some do, some don’t. Lube is absolutely key. If using silicone toys, get a water based lube that is designed for anal sex. It’s really thick. They sell some with “relaxer” which I bought. Not sure the relaxer aspect makes a difference, but the idea of it helps me relax a little. Speaking of relaxing, that’s also key. Seems the butt has two muscles that keep things shut, an inner and outer. Relaxing both seems to take some practice. As for strapping on, first use the toy on him without the strap on aspect. This will give a sense of the right speed (eg, slow motions). They make special plugs that stimulate the prostate. I decided that’s where I’d like to start for us, to simply have one in, and then have sex. This makes me feel safe and keeps away the pressure of her “doing it right.” If you are too rough, he’ll be uncomfortable for days and not want to do it again. So go really, really slow.

  9. And you don’t deserve all the hate that’s coming your way after this post. What’s happening bro you is very human a natural response to a situation. People really fear to cheat and to be cheated. But nobody cares to understand what’s below the curtains. You seem to be kind. Conflicted, but kind. I hope things work positively in your end. Just think things through.

  10. My girl knows I like a whiff here and there and has always been open to me doing so. She has always said that she didn’t understand why I liked doing it because she thinks it smells bad but I’ve reassured her that that’s not the case for me. It’s something she looks out for time to time and try’s to hint at the availability. She definitely finds it hot. Lol

  11. I want to be spontaneous and take control when maybe he’s not expecting it. Any tips? Yes. DO NOT DO THIS. A dom/sub encounter is grounded in consent. It is NEVER EVER something you should spring on someone for the first time, especially not when you've broached the subject and they've only said “maybe”. If this is something you really want, then you need to sit him down when you both have time to talk and are in a private space and are not drunk or high and it is not sexy time. And you need to tell him directly and ask his permission directly. Discuss it. Don't judge. Be open and honest with each other. And if you don't end that conversation with an enthusiastic, freely-given “yes” from him, then it's not happening. Some people like to dom. Some like to sub. Some like to switch it up. You can't decide for him what he likes and is comfortable with. If you get the yikes from the dom/sub relationship you currently have, then you should examine those feelings. Are you safe? Is he? Is the trust there? If not, why not? Where are the yikes coming from?

  12. Girl you didn’t know that “cum” for us girls is just us peeing ourselves?! Lol. I thought I needed to cum just like men for the longest time and then learned it’s only some women and it’s not the point

  13. Massage oil as you start foreplay. Take your time and pay extra attention to her feel good areas such as breast and nipples. Even massage her legs. Ask her to flip over and give her a generous back and shoulder rub and work down from there. With oral on her take your time and then start increasing the tongue action on the areas that feel good for her before going for the clit. Keeping going as she moans, bucks, and crushes your head with her legs. Then it is hammer time.

  14. It would be hypocritical if he was grossed out by what came out of your body and refused to eat you out because of your discharge. Aside from calling it gay, not wanting to eat one's own semen is a pretty typical boundary for people who don't have one of a few kinks which several people have already been displaying in their replies.

  15. You mentioned towels. Why don’t you just wash it after? And what do you mean by cumming silently? Do you groan in immense pleasure and let out a wailing cry in a 5km radius around you when you cum?

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