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  1. Is this the plot to a bad porno movie? Even if sex was “on the table” so to speak.. That’s not how most people think their first time with someone is going to go.

  2. That would be the best but I'm so worried about this. Why sudden change of heart? I'm his longest partner yet and plan soon to move together whole country – this worries me when he states those things. Am I not enough? Does he thinks he's not? Rather than excite me it makes me spiral and worry, if I wanted to mess around I wouldn't be in this relationship. Maybe being with me is suffocating for him or he decided to give up and just get me a guy. Idk! Will have to talk.

  3. My husband usually rubs my back and neck while I give him one. Sometimes he'll play with me or my boobs. And sometimes he'll put his fingers through my hair and sort of control what I'm doing. And other times he'll just enjoy watching me do it. It really just depends on his mood. I'm never thinking about what he's doing because I know I'm enjoying giving, and he's enjoying getting. Just do what feels good for you. If you want to make enjoyment noises to give non verbal feedback on what you're liking, go for it. Don't do that because you think you should. Don't overthink it.

  4. That's not something I would be willing to participate in with my son's If my sons are struggling when older I would consider hiring a pro for them. But in no way would I want their sex lives involved with me socially. Nor would I expose them to drugs or that lifestyle

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