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  1. “x” movie meaning insert any movie title you think would be liked by both parties…..surely you cannot be that daft…..

  2. I’m only 25 and not a parent. But if my parents had ever tried to talk to me about masturbating I would have been really uncomfortable about it. I think most guys do it in privacy and if they talk about it, they do so with their guy friends.

  3. Sounds like you have a good level of sexual compatibility then! Lol. Idk, I'm fairly indifferent – don't love it, not against it. Sometimes I absolutely don't want to have sex on my period if I'm having a lot of cramps and feeling icky. But it does tend to be a very horny time when I'm not in too much pain. Also, things are VERY well lubricated at that time, and blood is….idk, it's a different kind of lubrication to regular vaginal fluid. Kind of like using a silicone vs. water based lubricant. So I just go along with any partner on this one. Most people I've been with are a nope but my most recent ex didn't care, we'd have sex during my period sometimes. It can be pretty messy, but if you're smart about it it's not so bad. Obviously not an ideal time for like, girl on top positions lmao. We would usually put a towel down underneath and stick to missionary and the like. Foreplay would happen mostly before whatever period protection was in use is removed. Usually it would pretty much just be the genitals and direct surrounding areas on both of us that needed washing lol, maybe a hand or two.

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