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  1. Yes it applies to most women. It's called “mate choice copying”. Now I am not going to say this study is the best, because it is looking at the effect of women's opinion of art, faces and hands. The subject rated the “beauty/attractiveness” of the image. They were then shown a different rating and asked to give their final rating. Most of the time women increased their rating to be closer to the “social consensus”. Think about it like this, we (as in humans) form opinions about attractiveness based on social norms and beauty standards. We do the same for brands as well. This study is more targeted at mate choice copying by giving women data about men rejection and acceptance by other women. This influenced the ratings except for men in committed (married) relationships. Likely because women don't see the married man as a real option. Things like the wedding ring effect likely are not a thing (ie showing you are married makes you more attractive). In general, these studies are saying this is applicable to most women and it's not super surprising. Women have little information about a guy so seeing other women attracted to him gives a signal that he likely has good characteristics. Remember, girls reject or accept approaches from guys. Guys decide who to approach. This means girls need far more information to decide if it's a good idea to reject or accept a guy. Make a wrong choice and you might write off a good option that might not approach again. Guys in the other hand don't “burn” an option by not approaching. Though they do need to worry about some other guy approaching successfully.

  2. What you do and like sexually is fine. I do not see a problem with it if you had a great time. The only problem I see is telling a friend about that specific part, I would have left specific details out but I guess that is just me.

  3. Why don't you…..reinvent the industry. Porn is garbage, we all know that, it's not real, it's opportunistic, and full of drugs, etc. So….why enter as a low level pawn? Why not spend the next 2 years coming up with something original? That way you can enter the industry as a producer, a new-generation-of-porn leader and instead of making $5000 to get your asshole fucked you'll make $10,000,000 to fuck the whole industry like a boss. Why be a pawn, when you can be the queen?

  4. Ay yo what is this bullshit? “Despite what the law says”?!?! I hope mods ban you from this sub. Don’t listen OP.

  5. She’s mostly right, it WOULD be rape, but if you both consent beforehand then it’s not rape. Also, if you want her to do it to you, that’s fine, but don’t assume that it’s automatically okay to do it to her while she’s asleep without her consent first. 24F. I’ve had it done to me both with and without consent. Both very different experiences. I would be open to it again, but only with a super super super trusting long-term partner, because it’s fun when it’s consensual. And I would definitely have stipulations like no ejaculating inside, no photos, no anal, etc. It takes a lot of trust. I don’t think it’s that weird of kink, just rare to find a trustworthy partner.

  6. That statement about porn sounded like sarcasm to me. I think what she really needs is an emotional connection. Porn is very harmful to true intimacy. I dated a guy who didn't watch porn and sex was beyond everything. It was best sex in my life and I have never found anyone else like him. He orgasmed 6 times in a row and made me cum a lot, too. It was crazy and beyond this physical world…

  7. No I don't. Feels too degrading and I'm not into that. I just like the physical sensation of pain and being squeezed. I think it's more 'primal' than being dominated, if that difference makes sense. I get what you mean though, my partner has asked for that and I just can't bring myself to do it lol even though I know he's down. Maybe if you did one lighter slap and then kinda grabbed and squeezed her chin/jaw? Maybe shook her a little like that, grabbing her face? Then you don't have to slap hard or often, but perhaps ticks the boxes for her? Or maybe putting a hand over her mouth

  8. You sound like a porn addict. Watching porn weekly can already lead to symptoms like ED. Watching it every other day? Yeah, at your age, it would be weird if it DID work properly. It sounds like you fed your brain too much variety, and now the human woman beside you won't do it for you anymore. People are quick to say sex and masturbating are two different things, and so porn is justified. However, both require an erection, a fiction process and an orgasm. It's a single process. You trained your brain to expect variety in regards to this process. Something new, someone new, something dirty that you know isn't real but gets you off anyways. There's always something that gives you a new high. And that's what you're used to now. Something better; something new; something you know your wife can't give because she isn't a thousand women at once. Why have one when you can have millions? That's what your subconscious tells you. I think your issue is far bigger than you think, and you're far more to blame.

  9. Thank you for your submission to /r/sex. Your post was removed because it appears to be a post seeking a partner for explicit chat or hooking up. These posts are not allowed. If your post was not actually a “personals” post, then feel free to message the moderators and ask that your post be restored. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

  10. Your post has been automatically removed because it appears to be asking if some aspect of someone else's or your own sexuality or body is normal or not. We get a lot of questions here that are about really basic stuff that ought to be taught in schools but that unfortunately isn't. Variance is the norm in human sexuality. It's more meaningful to ask questions like: is this safe? Is this consensual? Is this mutually pleasurable? There are a lot of great resources for this, including scarleteen and go ask alice. You may also find relevant information with a search of /r/sex or in our FAQ. If you feel like your question is more complicated or will be a topic for thoughtful discussion, please message the moderators so that we can restore your post. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

  11. Look up a diagram & compare it to yourself in the mirror. If you're concerned, ask a doctor. You do have 3 holes (urethra, vagina, anus) but not quite how you're describing…

  12. If its down curve, why wouldnt doggy work? It should reach the g-spot that way. I have left curved penis and i can reach it very well when woman is laying on her right side. Should be same here with doggy.

  13. Mhm that’s weird. I know that talking about sex can be weird and a sensitive subject yet try to do it when you both are comfortable like when you cuddle. If you prefer texting about it then also try that yet sometimes people will just brush it if you don’t talk to them in person. For example I don’t like talking about issues over WhatsApp. I like having a normal conversation in person but every women is different so I guess you have to see how you can find a better way to communicate with her. Also ask her what makes her shy during sex. She definitely isn’t shy to show her body. Maybe she wants you to go slower such as foreplay so she can really get into the mood or she wants you to touch her in a specific way. Yet it’s normal that you it a bumpy road sometimes… you will have to learn and find out about your partner’s sexual preferences and that’s normal and takes time

  14. I'm assuming you are referring to premature ejaculation. If that's the case then not really although everybody is different. When some people are really nervous they can cum to quickly, other people might not be able to cum at all. Also too much porn and excessive masturbation can cause this as well.

  15. Put you hand on his and say, like this. Tell him higher or lower, faster or slower, harder or softer. He doesn't have your equipment so he has no way of knowing unless you teach him.

  16. Some women can orgasm multiple times. Some women find that after an orgasm they are hyper sensitive and need a break.

  17. Telling her you want to know what she likes, that you are happy for her to tell you before, during or after sex what she likes. That can go a long way. It's OK to say you are out of practice and open to guidance. Or you don't even have to say why, every woman is different and most women love a guy willing to listen and adjust. A few women want a guy in control and dominant and asking what you want isn't sexy in the moment, but even then you can play it the right way, like demand she tell her what she wants rather than sweetly asking her. But just ask her to say what she likes most about sex, what doesn't work for her. Go from there. But come from a place of confidence, like you plan to rock her world. Not from a place of being bewildered and worrying you can't please her. And you don't know how many of those 15 men she actually enjoyed, unless you've talked about that, and I'll assume you haven't.

  18. Could tell her she’s been a Brat, get on her knees, fuck my cock with your mouth… my wife gets really ramped up from that ?‍♂️

  19. You're probably giving mid head. You need to be relentless. You need to suck that cock like you're dying of thirst in the middle of the desert and the last tap on earth is that man's penis.

  20. Uh, no, fuck that. That is her problem not yours. She needs to knock that shit off. Controlling what othe r people do with thier bodies esp around sex ESP when she does it is Controlling, weird, immature, and hypocritical

  21. You know, I bet it's not really the curvature of his dick at issue. I have a hunch that you're suffering from vaginismus. Which is a psychological condition, not a physical one. It's an anxiety response. Basically, your body is expecting sex to hurt, so it dries up and clenches up to prevent sex from happening. Unfortunately, this just leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy where sex hurts. Vaginismus is actually pretty treatable. If I'm right, you should be seeing a sex therapist.

  22. I’ll try cutting out masturbation, i don’t do it very often and I don’t think there’s anything wrong but it could be possible. Thanks!

  23. This could definitely get messy in various ways but it also depends on both of your maturity levels, communication skills, establishing rules/boundaries, etc. For your first foray, I wouldn’t recommend someone that closely intertwined to your personal life. Perhaps it’d be better to communicate to him that although you’re interested, you’d prefer a bit more experience first before diving into it with him. Find a stranger, learn what worked/didn’t work, and take it from there. From a bull, I wish you the best of luck!

  24. Sounds like hes being pretty minipulative But If you want to try it you can start really small, with something like blindfold or having your hands tied, Obviously a safe word is the most important thing, If someone doesn't stop when you say the safe word that's rape.

  25. Sounds like hes being pretty minipulative But If you want to try it you can start really small, with something like blindfold or having your hands tied, Obviously a safe word is the most important thing, If someone doesn't stop when you say the safe word that's rape.

  26. I just ran across this post earlier that you may find helpful. You could also try searching for “somnophilia” in this sub and I bet you’ll find some good advice!

  27. Yes. You are the Incel developing my intel. To correct the g13 language structure of colloquial misused euphemisms within the gang to separate the legal meaning of the term incel within a vanilla terror bully group. Welcome to the jungle. Welcome to the suck.

  28. If you want a threesome, then bring it forward. If you want a threesome mostly for his pleasure, then let him decide when the time's right.

  29. Indecent Proposal movie- have some getaway wherein you’re the rich guy and she’s the million $ piece of ass. If a nice hotel room is doable.

  30. Ask him to practice kegels and reverse kegels. Man gonna become a sex machine after 5-6 months of regular practice.

  31. I’ve dated two strippers in my life; both of them had “regulars” who had their phone numbers and would occasionally text, all for the purpose of luring them back to the club. It’s a business. Actually made it quite easy to not be jealous while dating a stripper.

  32. I’ll do what ever she needs/wants to make her cum and enjoy sex as much as possible. Unless it causes me pain in for it. If that meant sticking it up n her ear is do it Comedians go for reactions. I wouldn’t take too much sex advice from one

  33. Well, perhaps it is her preference. For me penetration feels better, when my legs are not spread too far. I love prone bone with my legs pressed together.

  34. Well avoiding getting into the relationship in the first place is a lot better than suggesting you’d cheat on your partner for not receiving some sexual act. If that’s how you want it then I guess that’s your own deal

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  36. Your incredibly sexy . Guys might be going soft because they are nervous. They might have a bad diet or use drugs? Skinny girl with huge breast are more valuable than gold to a man. Trust me your not the issue. You need men who are active and not using any drugs.

  37. The medical standard they teach is 120/80 is normal so that is legitimately as normal as you can get. 130 and 90 are “high end” of normal if that, definitely not mildly elevated in any sense

  38. Just talk about the things you feel or see (you're so sexy, god i love this) or the thing you want/wanted to do (i've been thinking about this all day, i want you on your fours). And if you feel uncomfortable doing that, just moan/make some noise. As long as your partner sees you having fun and just not in complete silence, you'll be fine.

  39. Tell her exactly what you are thinking. Personally, I give oral sex before ejaculating inside. I would not eat my own cum, ever. If I ever dated someone who was really into that she would definitely need to douche and bathe before getting oral from me. If she gets offended then she isn't the one for you. Best of luck.

  40. He might need more experience with you. I've had a new boyfriend before couldn't last 5 min but after a few months he could go as long as he wanted.

  41. Similar antics and degrading ways of dealing with issues/relationships/women, part of the same disgusting behaviour he's been spewing as healthy for men on tiktok etc. a lot of people has been listening to

  42. Thanks for the clarification my dude , and yeah I'm looking for a relationship that includes pegging, thanks a lot .

  43. I don't really have any tips other than what you already said. I would use the toy that could get me off until I was really close, and then I would switch to manual stimulation. In the beginning there were some disappointing outcomes and ruined orgasms, which can definitely be frustrating, but eventually it worked! And then it worked more and more frequently and then I would switch from the toy to manual earlier and earlier until I didn't need the toy anymore! It's also really important to figure out what your body likes even if it can't get you off yet. If hard and fast doesn't feel good maybe it's not because you're dependent on the toy, but hard and fast just isn't for you. It takes some trial and error for sure.

  44. what would be the “right” way to answer to the post? “yes, OP, your wife is so dumb that she birthed 3 kids in a row from a dude she doesn’t really like”? or “she did things and later reconsidered their worth, but it’s totally because you measured your dick correctly”?

  45. Wait, this sounds like the plot to Netflix’s “Sex/Life” show about the woman who starts writing about her ex, in detail, the sex they had. And wrote all things like this too. Didn’t disclose everything to her husband either. And also couldn’t stop nearly 5 years later fantasizing about this ex, about how in love she was too.

  46. yeah I mean it’s not the end of the world, I can just masturbate when he’s not interested. I wouldnt say this is a dealbreaker

  47. Swingers survive all the time…. But it doesn’t sound like it’s for you. At all. So it’s not something I’d explore if I were in your shoes. But you should also be aware this relationship might not be for you. Parts of it sound good, but parts of it also sound pretty incompatible to what you need.

  48. Wow! He’s got you figured out. Gets to act like a jerk and you get to sexually please him. As said woman who’s opinion your asking, no this isn’t normal. Your bf figured out how to manipulate you by being a dick. Look no further for deeper meanings because there isn’t any.

  49. True. I guess I’m just worried that my discernment is messed up from years of anxiety and all that other BS. I just want to find a good man to share my life with. It shouldn’t be this hard :/

  50. I mean I feel vulnerable as someone else is in control of my pleasure, but I don't particularly feel it as an intimate thing. I only agree to hook ups when I know the guy will eat me out, it's just a bedroom preference not something I view as intimate.

  51. Several years ago on a first meet and greet, we met at a bar, had a few beers and a bite to eat. When I walked her to her car, I gave her a kiss and she took my hand and pushed it down the front of her pants. It waa a super sexy experience to find her completely shaved! Could not wait to see her again!

  52. So you can communicate about everything else, but not something important to you like sex? Fascinating. I know you didn’t reach out in the first place. I meant you continuing the conversation. You’re reaching out to speak to someone you shouldn’t. Doesn’t matter that she initiated, you should’ve shut it down. My point of view isn’t absolute. It’s not that we’re triggered, it’s that you did something wrong. That’s not being chill, it’s hurtful. The fact that you can’t understand that, is mind boggling. You’re blaming her for your unhappiness yet you haven’t spoken up to her and went right to emotional cheating. That’s extremely unfair. I’m not going to bother to give you anymore help bc all you do is make excuses and blame her. Hence why I’m not going to read your other response as you suggested. You’re the one who is acting like a child and you don’t like that most in here think that. As is apparent from your defensive replies. You may be doing nice things for her, but you two do have communication issues if you can’t talk about sex and what is truly making you unhappy. If your feelings are hurt open up your mouth. People who are truly in love and want to make it work, don’t sext with other people. They talk to their partner.

  53. i watch porn sometimes and i know a thing or two. Hopefully you aren't trying to learn anything from porn, as most of it is staged. You'll satisfy him, or I'm sure he could tell you if you aren't. Also, don't be afraid to ask – it's how we learn!

  54. I'm 47 and miles away from this now but I remember feeling really insecure. I probably saw some huge cock porn or something, LOL, on friggin dialup internet. I think the thing that got me over it was a girl that liked big toys but also liked me. I kind of put 2 and 2 together and stopped caring so much since it obviously mattered but also obviously didn't matter at the same time. I understood that even if she wanted more, there were easy fixes for that. After that, I had a way easier time just focusing on being a better man since that was something I actually had control over. As far as how to avoid shattering an already fragile ego, that is kind of a tall order. I think if someone explained to me that since she obvious chose me, she liked all of me and that I didn't need to worry about my size, I think I would have been OK with that.

  55. Afterwards ask “Is it okay if I fuck any of his friend's names?” to assert “I'm not your girlfriend”

  56. Imo he needs to explain further what his problem is. If he can't or doesn't know: (couples) therapy. You need to solve this before you get married.

  57. So others have given you the emotional side of this, which is good. But have you ever thought of the practical side of this? Sex toys are expensive, and of all the toys that he could have, the ones he has are handcuffs. It's not like it's an unwashed dildo or butt plug, right. If you seriously have an issue with it, talk to him about it, tell him your reasoning just like you did with this post, and then you offer to buy new ones. The tricky part for you, I think, will be coming to the understanding that you both have had a life and experiences prior to being together.

  58. Oooh okay gotcha. Still he needs to understand that it makes you uncomfortable and if he doesn't stop then it's him not caring for your boundaries and that is a red flag. Hentai is not needed in anyones life and shouldn't be a hard decision for him if he isn't addicted.

  59. Uncut individual here. Is he pulling back his foreskin to clean properly. Not cleaning can lead to some infections that dont smell very good Smegma also smells really bad and can build up in the foreskin if now washed properly daily.

  60. Always ask, no matter how they'll feel. It's just basic sexual health and if they feel offended, it's their emotions that they need to regulate. Having OCD or not, everyone should always ask about STIs.

  61. I'm active in a lot of SFW communities, I just don't post porn there lol Many of the NSFW communities I'm in are also large communities that reflect a reddit user the same as any other sub. Like I said, our experiences are different. I just don't believe for a second “the vast majority” of reddit users are as liberal as you believe.

  62. I mean that could be the case, but I'm pretty confident that I was. 2-3 inches up, on the anterior side and rough circular tissue about the size of a quarter. She said she could tell I was at the g-spot but couldn't feel the pressure/sensations

  63. A boyfriend asked me this once. I admitted I often fantasize about friends, colleagues and even teachers. Even if I don’t have a crush on them and I’m not interested in pursuing them romantically. Dumbass immediately became jealous of every person in my social group including my teachers and best friend. He said HE only fantasized about strangers he saw on the internet and no one he knew in real life so I must be the weird one. He also accused me of cheating on him with my best friend cause “you’re both bisexual” so spending alone time with her was like cheating on him. Idiot.

  64. Lucky guy. By the second or third time cumming it’s easy to last a long time. Right after it’s very sensitive. How if your gag reflex if it’s thick?

  65. On the other hand, most people would find it hard to stop doing something they enjoy because someone else wants them to.

  66. Repentance in the Christian tradition is about recognizing your wrongs and changing your action/mindset in order to no longer do them. So it’s not an arbitrary time or arbitrary action. It’s the right time and the right action for someone who thinks what they’re doing immoral.

  67. You get to watch whatever couples you want, real or otherwise. Go get yourself a dude who satisfies you. Life is too short for bad lays and shaming.

  68. A lot of food helps. Probiotics are just a practical and consistent solution. Kefir, kombucha, kimchi, umeboshi, high fiber foods, all these things help but the key is variation and consistency.

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