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  1. My Daddy is straight. He just read what you wrote and didn't laugh at all. He has gay friends and trans friends. I wouldn't assume 'most straight guys' would laugh at you. Being real though…say some straight guy laughed at you…so what? That's their flaw not yours. On the other hand, you could find a partner who fits your taste and you'd both be very happy. Would you reject that because you're afraid of idiots laughing? You are normal. The only person who doesn't think you're normal is you. Be who you are and if anyone doesn't like that…well…tell them to fu*k off. Don't deny who you are and what makes you happy because of the fear of ignorant douchebags x

  2. I can orgasm from nipple play but I don’t think it’s very common. I absolutely love LOVE breast/nipple play. I orgasm easily from all types of touch. I think this is important and maybe quite common among those who can orgasm this way. Does your gf orgasm from anywhere other than her clit? Whatever you do, don’tmake you gf feel bad if she can’t. People are made differently so don’t have unrealistic expectations. Explore using the tips you got here and see how it goes. Most important thing is finding what makes her tick so no harm in experimenting.

  3. Well I'll just buy myself a petite/slim wife who is going to give me kids. Im sick of fat chicks, single mothers, asexuals and vegan bisexual communists.

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