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  1. everyone has already said what has needed to be said, so if you're not willing to enact consequences, make him sit on his hands.

  2. How a person chooses to masturbate (both from a physical and mental aspect) can indeed cause ED and PE. Porn could be part of that. Porn, in and of itself, does not cause either. To blatantly say this, with no qualifiers, is doing a disservice and spreading false and highly generalized info.

  3. There are certain sex acts that both partners like, there are some that one partner may enjoy and the other really dislikes and then there is a plethora that one partner really likes and the other is apathetic to the act itself but does it because it feels good to make your partner feel good… because love. My wife does certain things that range from completely apathetic, thru slightly uncomfortable to something that she normally does not like to do for her own valid reasons. We balance each other's wants with what the other partner is willing to do. I do things for her that I am not the biggest fan of, but there is nothing that I actively dislike. But say for hypothetical example she really liked getting her toes sucked on and I was really not that into feet in general. Maybe she would get a nice pedicure and wash her feet and I would put nice lotion on them or whatever and go to town. I may not like feet but I like to make my wife feel good. The wife is wrong for her lie of omission (that she never planned on performing oral sex on a long-term partner past a courtship phase). As Dan Savage often says that in a modern day relationship “Oral comes standard” But I also did not see OP mention reciprocity, does he eat his wife out every chance he gets? If he does not go down on her why should she make an effort to blow him? Ideally they would both make an effort to please their partner in the ways their partner likes.

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