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  1. My best advice as a fellow married man trying to concive is to not force it. Try to keep it spontaneous. If it's meant to happen, it will. Try not to pressure yourselves. I'm not sure that's the opinion you're looking for.

  2. Well, just because there’s a lot of sex and you initiate, that doesn’t mean it’s good sex. However, he sounds like a jerk.

  3. No it’s not racist however you can tell her friend it would be racist if you dismissed all Latina’s as a potential mate b/c they are Latina. The media/influencers are having such a profound negative effect on people that this inane comment by her friend is becoming the norm. Is her friend possibly jealous? What a remarkably asinine thing to say!

  4. Your girlfriend is a douchebag. 100% dump her. She is so horned up and just wants to fuck dudes. Her behavior is only normal for a single person. She absolutely will cheat on you if she hasn't yet.

  5. I'd talk to my doctor. Usually, medication related anorgasmia shouldn't persist 2-3 months after stopping medication but that's why consulting your MD or OBGYN makes sense here.

  6. This is ? the way; present it as a shared; jointly intimate act; an aspect of foreplay until he becomes more comfortable.

  7. As someone who is not religious at all it would be a huge red flag for me if someone I was dating suddenly became religious and wanted to change the dynamics of our relationship because of it. I'd walk. Ultimately though, this is 100% your decision. The ball is in your court. She's drawn the line and you have to decide if you think this is someone you may want to marry and if so continue dating sans sex, or move on. It's not right for you to pressure her or try to convince her otherwise. Sometimes people go in two different directions, and while it sucks it's just part of life.

  8. Idk some ppl view porn as cheating, but I doubt it's the first time you jerk off while watching porn since you've been in a relationship with her and that's the type of boundary you put before getting into a relationship so she's in the wrong for suddenly being upset about that.

  9. Threesomes are like getting a tattoo on your face; you have to be FULLY committed, enthusiastic and consenting otherwise your relationship will NEVER survive it. Also he’s an a-hole for fantasizing about your friends boobs (assuming this ain’t a normal boundary for you two… which it sounds like it isn’t).

  10. My wife and I never had sex before we got married. We have no regrets either. If I didn't love her enough to get married then my thought was I did not love her enough. It was by our choice that we avoided those situations and I loved her so much that I never wanted her to ever feel that I took advantage of her or ever loved her less in any way. We just celebrated 42 years and are like newlyweds. We have sex about six times each week. My wife is increasingly attractive each year. The way she makes me feel is amazing. I feel like the most fortunate man. After my family met my girlfriend at the time not much time my dad told me I had better marry her because I would never find another one like her. Each week I meet with six men to mentor them through life. Most men do not know much about how to treat their wives because they think like men and have not learned to think like their wives. For a long time I studied my wife to know how she thinks and the best way to respond to her well.

  11. If you don't notice anything, you're probably healthy. You will notice the smell of bacterial vaginosis, and yeast infections don't even make you smell all the time. However, lately I have been noticing that my boyfriend's sperm makes my vagina smell bad, probably due to the imbalance it causes in my pH. If there is any smell and you guys aren't using condoms, this could be cause. Cranberry juice won't help that, you just have to wait. If he's so opposed on going down on you, why does he enjoy sleeping with you at all? Is he not focused on your pleasure?

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