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  1. Most straight guys will laugh at me for finding this hot. Like the straight guys reading this probably think i'm a weirdo, i just want to be normal like them.

  2. True. Can't really argue with that. I guess I'd appreciate seeing more women take charge in bed you know? Nothing sexier than a woman who takes what she wants.

  3. Tell her immediately you had a vasectomy and ask her to go with you to your surgeon to be rechecked. Tell her you want her to help you confront the surgeon so you can sue. Watch her reaction carefully. It should be revealing, and if the surgeon f'd up, it's the first move. BTW, don't start committed relationships with women without telling them about your vasectomy and your choices about whether you want to eventually raise children. It's unethical because any woman who knows they want a family shouldn't be put in the position of falling in love with a guy who may not fit the bill. Good luck.

  4. Dreams don't translate to real life. They are too unexplainable and random. I wouldn't think much of this.

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