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  1. Highly unlikely for HIV and not possible for syphilis. I'm sorry to say but he is most likely having sex with men. Please get yourself tested for syphilis and remember there is a window period for HIV testing. I would get another HIV test about 3 weeks after the first one. It is extremely difficult for men to get HIV from a female- in 29 years of investigating HIV cases I have never come across one. HIV is extremely fragile outside the body and stepping on a needle at a beach isn't going to get you HIV (maybe Hepatitis though). The only other scenario would be he is a needle sharer (IV drugs) and did get syphilis from sex with a female but I doubt it. Syphilis is running rampant right now and most cases are with men who have sex with men. I'm sorry you have to hear this.

  2. I would suggest whatever you say to him, do it in person (avoids risk of miscommunication via texting etc, particularly when he’s probably overthinking what happened) – make light of it and just ask if he wants to meet up, vaguely referring to what happened / reassuring him. Something like: ‘Hey, how are you today? Sorry you had to leave early last night (and, don’t worry! ?)… fancy coming round later?’

  3. in the most respectful way possible, your boyfriend is a child. he shouldn’t be sulking when you don’t ‘give him sex’ (first red flag i caught)

  4. I get pregnant first try with all of my many kids and I pee directly after sex always. It’s not about keeping it inside of you at all. You need to see a fertility doctor to check your mans sperm mobility and count and to make sure you’re good to go too. You need to track your ovulation with OPKs and blot calendar method, you need to both have a non toxic diet and be on supplements. A healthy body wants to reproduce if there is no issues. Do not wait 5 years of trying to get checked out like my friends did only to find out his sperm wasn’t active enough to make it in. They need to implant his sperm into her uterus to get pregnant. Also make sure you cum too. It sucks all the sperm up into the places it needs to be much more efficiently

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  6. We’re only hearing her side of the story. We don’t know if he’s had trauma or anything. Usually with one sided stories there’s always something left out. Plus, she didn’t know this before she got married? Something doesn’t sound right here.

  7. I can also tell by every other post about threesomes that it very rarely ends well for all parties involved.

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