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  1. You shouldn't feel bad for setting boundaries around your body & sex. Even if it's something he's into or feels that he requires in a relationship, the answer is not to shame you. There should be communication & mutual respect for each other & your bodies. If you're having issues w/ sexual compatibility, you either work on it together (respectfully & lovingly) to see if it can work or you call it quits. You shouldn't be apologizing. You did nothing wrong. I suggest you dump him & take some time to focus on yourself… then you'll be in a place to find someone who respects you & loves you. Cuz honey, that ain't love. You deserve better! ??

  2. I get it, but there is no one answer. You gotta trust the woman you're asking or don't ask cause you're just gonna get frustrated

  3. Thank you for that thoughtful reply. You are quite right, and I think that edging/coaching style domination is more my style. (And I will have to try that) But the thing is she actually asked me to be less polite and more primal, more like an animal to her. So I did the best I could, but it seems that the wordy, “intellectual” style isn’t what she really wants.

  4. Some people lie for various reasons… just for the sake of lying, because they’re irresponsible, because they want to trap you into having a baby, because they want to mess with you…. This is bad advice. Unless you know for sure, don’t assume

  5. Sexual compatibility is one of my top dealbreakers. There is nothing bad about that. It’s the same as all the rest of the dealbreakers you might have. Dealbreakers are good. And not everybody’s are the same. But there are a few that are universal. It’s better to be with someone you are well matched with. This is your life here. Don’t tie yourself to just anyone for years and decades. It’s better to be alone and looking than with the wrong match.

  6. Maybe not always wow, but at least something. Even an explanation of why you didn't like it / why you didn't feel comfortable with it. 🙁

  7. I’m less worried about the Mommy thing, and more worried about the fact he does bugger all around the house tbh! You know what they say – practice makes perfect. So he can get practising! And washing dishes/making cups of tea, whizzing a hoover round… it’s not exactly rocket science is it. He doesn’t sound like he’s making you very happy.

  8. Just in case… does your long distance BF shave his pubes the day or two leading up to you guys meeting? Since you're long distance… getting together can be quite special and you probably both do some “prep” work in anticipation. I have made this mistake before and it lead to my partner feeling very sore the day after. All those little day or two old stubble can act like little needles on sensitive skin.

  9. I've found that many people in shoes like yours have life-changing experiences with air suction vibrators.

  10. I can completely relate to your anxious attachment ghosting fears. It’s something I’ve been trying to work on for a while, in part by trying to stay mindful of the times my mind immediately jumps to “what if the worst possible outcome happens?” Cause it’s always that, right? It’s never “what if the thing I went happens?” So I try to notice when my thoughts and actions start becoming fear driven in that way and then seeing what the outcome actually is and now it’s basically never the worst case scenario. So my advice is just to remember that the possibility of this working out exists alongside the possibility of him ghosting you and it’s worth your recognition… also it seems much more likely 🙂

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