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  1. If you have chemistry and you're just trying to have fun there's nothing weird about it. You're both adults.

  2. I'm no help man. Your post sounds absolutely normal to me. I'm pleasantly surprised when things aren't like that.

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  4. I guess he is a little boy that needs someone to teach him how to bathe , men have wrinkles down there,you need a soapy rag and wash in many directions to get them washed out. Same for the penis if you wash like your masterbating it will not get it clean . Wash the ass and crack from beginning to end. THEN dry yourself

  5. I agree because my bf used to act like this. Everytime he was about to cum he would roll over and sort of hide the cum. The only time i have seen his cum is when it was early in the morning or when I know for a fact that he hadn't masturbated for a long time. Initially, I was confused but then this was the most probable reason that he didn't want me to see it due to some shame attached to the amount of cum. Now, I finally sure that is most definitely the reason because while we were having phone sex, I was telling him I want him to fuck me 5 times a day etc. And he said I can do that but there would hardly be any cum after 1 or 2 times. And I was sort of taken aback. Like why would I care? What woman would judge a man by the amount of cum they produce? I don't know if it's some unrealistic standard he has set for himself based on porn or if he had some woman in the past comment on it.

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