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  1. Wetter the better for me. I like the ease of sliding and lighter friction personally. Just enough to keep me hard and rigid and a slow pace to the finish.

  2. Bro, don’t make this complicated it’s not rocket science….. Just buy a couple sizes see which one you like best …. I mean spending a few extra dollars really that big a deal? It beats having 18+ years of misery doesn’t it

  3. Instead of lying I’d say to either agree between yourselves that you aren’t going to discuss body count or be outright honest , they seem like the only two options that aren’t deceptive .

  4. I’d say he is finishing every two times on average though I didn’t specifically count that part unfortunately. So if we did it in the morning and he doesn’t finish, he would say “let’s try again later” …sometimes later is the next morning because our jobs are a bit exhausting. He also cannot get off from a blowjob which is NOT something I’ve ever struggled with in my life to be honest lol

  5. So true! I mean, he's a considerate guy, sure, but I get a feeling that he becomes distant when we don't have sex daily. Like, I sort of feel like his love is conditional, if that makes sense. I've told him this and he says he'll work on it (being better and self control).

  6. Exactly. My ex enjoyed being dominant sometimes. She enjoyed grinding on my ass, sort of like tribbing. One time she asked if she could peg me. I said sure and I’m very glad she did. Hands free orgasms being pegged are incredible.

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