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Languages: en

Birth Date: 2003-12-06

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

Ethnicity: ethnicityIndian

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorBlack

Subculture: subcultureStudent

Date: July 3, 2022

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  1. Yes, maybe he just isn't aware of how inappropriate it is to do that. Perhaps he even feels a bit foolish now. Still, it was his way of showing his true colors. Please take care of yourself and take whatever time you need to process this.

  2. Just say you're sorry, and that you'll knock next time. Simple as that, nothing further needs to be discussed. Apologize for the past, ensure improvement in the future.

  3. OP, you have a very detailed message. Overall, here is my take: A year and a half is a short time to date for a marriage. For some it works out amazingly, for most other's it is a dumpster fire with a long slow burn. A better point to make is, you are still with each other and there is no rush to tie the knot. Well no rush beyond getting in eachother's pants. It isn't unheard of and if you had this arrangement when you started dating, it shouldn't be a shock. If it strangely and awkwardly came up in the heat of the moment, to cool the fire, I would have been very skeptical then… and not now. What I mean to say, if this wasn't a problem when you started dating it shouldn't be a problem now, but you may want to give yourself more time before jumping on the marriage wagon. On that note, I wouldn't ever have agreed to date someone who didn't want to have sex with me until marriage. I have friends who have done it, they are perfectly happy. Yet… It is not for me and I knew that a long time ago. So the real question here is when do you find out sex was off the table and how did you feel when you learned that?

  4. Try telling that to a child “hey dada” continues to shove her fist into your mouth while you wonder what that hand has been touching all that

  5. No. The age of consent laws exist because under a certain age your brain is not developed enough to be able to consent to sexual acts since you don’t know exactly what it is that you’re consenting to and the meaning of it. I know you felt as though it is consensual but a 14 y/o knows that what they were doing was wrong and chose to take advantage of your naivety. I would be seeking therapy if I were you

  6. Yes it’s unfair- if he wants an FFM. It’s especially unfair given that your reasons for not wanting one are that you’re too jealous and insecure of the potential female. He could feel the same way about an MMF, but is still willing to do it. It’s pretty selfish if you know he wants an FFM and you ask him for an MMF, but don’t offer one in return.

  7. Yeah but even when I had favorite pornstars it was less about their body and more how they fucked you know? Like I could have a favorite pornstar but still watch their content and think of fucking the person I liked, I’m not sure if that makes sense lol.

  8. She has. She was told it’s just normal for women her age. We’ve tried different lube but it still causes discomfort

  9. I won't lie, I'd be extremely judgemental: Is this a brand known for its high quality? Is there enough flare on the base of this? Is that bluetooth enabled? etc.

  10. Omg I’m imagining my mail lady. She apparently doesn’t like getting out of the car, so she’ll fold and stuff whatever she can in our mailbox. She would’ve totally folded that package over and been holding the dildo in her hand through the package trying to jam it in there lmao

  11. Nah, he was sadly only looking after himself. A caring partner will understand the importance of foreplay and the difference in how men and women bodies react to being aroused.

  12. Absolutely not. It will only serve to cause hurt feelings and leave her with a new insecurity or deepen one she already had. Let whoever wants to pursue things further with her in the future decide if that's something they want to talk about with her, at this point it should be of no concern to you and you can move on.

  13. tbh I would say you should consider therapy to regain self esteem. or at least try to surround urself with media that promotes self acceptance/compassion for yourself. ur ex was very mean and the fact those words he said to you stay in ur head so much makes it seem like you believe them, despite the fact ur bf has shown you over the last 8 months how he feels about u. its okay to talk about these things. also being fat doesnt mean ur inherently ugly, fat is not a bad thing. ik in some spaces online, ppl make it seem like its the worst quality, but honestly those are just shit ppl usually with very intense body image issues themselves, choosing to project their issues onto everyone else instead of doing their own healing. hope you start seeing urself as sexy again one day and are able to throughouly enjoy sex, as everyone should

  14. Just clean up, just like your parents taught you as a kid. The one thing you'll want to pay particular attention to is cleaning under your foreskin, if you have one. If not, that's n/a.

  15. Honestly my first thought was that he kind of seems like he's being an asshole. You can't help what your body looks like and it sucks that many guys think that extra skin down there is caused by too much sex. It's ridiculous.

  16. I can't believe no one has said this yet. ???? ? percent go to a gp/internet and get Viagra or Cialis. It will get you harder, quicker. You can get on to one easier, so the anxiety is greatly reduced leaving more room for thoughs of 'look how awesome those tits are etc', which then of course further benefits your cause. Once you get the job done you will naturally become more confident and you can reduce the dose (half pill etc) then stop using them all together. I did exactly this. Without it I don't know what would have happened. Potentially very bad things. I was in this all consuming cyle of 'omg I not going to get it up' and of course because I'm thinking that constantly, especially leading up to and during the event, I could not get it up properly. I was just so nervous and anxious that I couldn't concentrate on the awesomeness of the female body before me like what I should have been doing . It was vicious cycle that got worse and worse to the point that I entered a deep depression and was genuinely concerned for the outcome of my life. But also once the cycle was broken it got better and better very quickly, then eventually even to the point of having to control blowing too quickly like a normal kid. I was lucky Viagra and cialis had just come out a little while earlier. I used cialis, it lasts much longer. You are even luckier now that they are widely available. Haha 20+ years and 3 kids later sometimes I even pop one if I've had a few too many beers or other things and need a bit of a boost up. Definitely still very noticeabley effective! Good luck bro. I know exactly how you feel right now. You will be ok. And you will love it! I feel that you may even appreciate it more in the end because of what you have had to overcome. I know I do.

  17. You're insecure now, but wait till you fuck her after she's been fisted, I'm sure you'll sing a different tune ? she'll probably go wild, dick after a fist is such an incredible sensation! It's not that your penis “isn't big enough”. Fisting and PIV are just 2 different types of intercourse. One isn't better than the other! I personally love being fisted because there is such intense sensations from all the pressure, but also the amount of emotions that come with the act, there needs to be so much trust and care for this to happen in the first place at all. I love my boyfriend's dick just as much as his fist, it's really not about size. With his dick I feel a different type of emotional connection, and it's so hot to know that my pleasure from him is pleasure for him as well. Dick after a fisting session?? The best of both worlds. Last time I was fisted he fucked me after, 95% of the time that he was in me I was having an orgasm, which means my vag had a pulsing death grip on his dick, which from what I gather is a truly wonderful experience to receive ?

  18. Maybe you can help him ease into it ? Start with the dirty talk go for do you like it when I …. What do you want me to do next…. What would you like to do to me … How are you gonna do that to me… Yadda Yadda Yadda. Not immediately after each other of course or it might seem like an interview. And if he gives you something encourage him with responding positively to it and firing back and after the make out sesh tell him what you liked about what he said. You gotta build his confidence on that level and best way to do that is positive reinforcement !

  19. If it slips in the heat of the moment going really fast then its an accident and it happens If its re-entry after oral like you say it probably was on purpose

  20. Female here but my best friend who is married and they are lightly into the LS (exhibitionism, voyeurism, parallel play, no swaps) her husband is flat out against FMF but would entertain FFM. He can’t explain it but it wouldn’t matter if she is right there encouraging him he just can’t imagine being intimate with another woman past a certain point. My previous SO was all about FFM and FMF but flat out hard no on MFM and obviously MMF. My current SO wants FFM or FMF but only has experience with MFM (6+ experiences, all before me) and MMF is hard no, he doesn’t want other M to touch him at all during MFM or it’s done.

  21. Still haven’t forgiven my ex for doing that so no. He knew about my tokophobia as well but begged not to and “I have the birth control pill anyways”.

  22. Yeah everyone saying it’s not an issue have 30+ bodies probably or have never tried dating someone with a high body count and it shows

  23. I also noticed the flinch women had during the initial insertion actually. Seems like it is indeed the most sensitive part. However if that is the case then why do women strive for something that reaches much further than that?

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