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  1. Polyamory success story! So, I'm married, and my wife and I are rock solid. But in our time together, as we've gone about figuring out nonmonogamy, we had a couple of bad experiences in a row with our other partners. We both fantasized about triads and extended polycules, with our sex and dating lives intertwined, but those bad experiences led us to instead have a dynamic where our outside relationships were way more compartmentalized and isolated from each other. Not going into too much detail; this worked as a temporary defense mechanism, but long term it just created headaches and secrecy which wasn't good for us. It almost became like a diet version of Don't Ask Don't Tell, which is NOT something we believe in. Anyway, I have a long distance girlfriend. It started out as a casual FWB situation, and just naturally became more serious, slowly over time. We've been together for almost 5 years now. For a while, my wife tried to be hands off, so as not to interfere. It inadvertently led to things feeling cold between my girlfriend and my wife. But within the last year-ish, they really started talking more and opening up to each other. My wife finally came around to realizing the hands-off approach wasn't doing us any good, and she was coming off as unwelcoming and frigid towards someone she actually liked and respected. The last time my girlfriend flew into town to visit for a week, my wife straight up let us have the bed to fuck like rabbits every night while she watched Star Wars with the dog; no jealousy, no loneliness, just good vibes. Imagine my delight when, after GF went home, my wife told me that she really appreciated my girlfriend's vibe as far as someone staying in our house; she said she would like it if she moved in with us! I told my girlfriend, honestly not expecting anything to come of it, but a few months later, she came back to me saying she'd been thinking on it a lot and is on board with the idea! I can hardly believe that we, the three of us, are now seriously discussing and planning on moving her into our house and living out our little polycule together. My head is swimming with daydreams and fantasies about seeing my girlfriend more than once or twice a year, having group sex, melting into cuddle puddles, and even (maybe; I can't force anything) seeing the two of them develop their own chemistry. I'm feeling like a very lucky man right now.

  2. I kinda understand that he is scared and doesn't wants you to travel solo. I get it and depending on how he asked you to not do that this alone would be nothing to worry about in my opinion. HOWEVER everything else screams RUN. No matter how much it hurts? Hell no. Also it sounds like he is more demanding than requesting this and thats absolutly a no go. Don't let this man control you, please

  3. I don't think it was fully in cause I would have known 100% and felt it but it could have been the tip. So I know he didn't tear anything in that sense. Just couldn't tell if it was a finger or tip. Thanks for the information ?

  4. Hi 21f here. Don’t worry, I kinda have that kink too and I think as long as you talk about before hand and make sure it’s consensual, it’s fine.

  5. You can talk to the Title 9 officer at your school to discuss your options. If someone is making unwanted sexual comments about you to the extent that it is affecting you and the way other people interact with you, that is sexual harassment and bullying. Please don’t listen to the ignorant comments that are brushing it off as nothing. Whether or not you go forward filing a complaint is a decision that will require more information about the school’s policies and procedures as well as self reflection on whether you believe the risks and costs of doing so are worth it— a calculation only you can make. Telling his mom and/ or confronting him (perhaps with a friend for support) seem reasonable to me in the circumstances. You can also see if your school provides peer mediation or similar to help resolve this. I’m sorry you are dealing with this.

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  7. He’s stuck on that stupid “masculinity” thing on TikTok, he isn’t cheating on me for sure he’s crazy about me and we spend 24/7 together even go to the gym together. He thinks it’s builds up his testosterone to save sperm and “it’s helps him to workout better”.

  8. Thank you so much!! I think I'm happy with it. After all, I enjoyed the moment while it lasted. If I went back in time, I wouldn't have waited, it was just the right time. But now I'm gonna stop grieving the past and focus on the presence

  9. Exactly this. You were raped and sodomized by an adult man that knew what he was doing. This is why he got you drugged. How long ago did this happen? You should still report this as a rape to the police. Never meet someone you do not know at their place the first time. Meet at a public place for coffee the first time and get to know each other. Decide whether or not to go to their place the second time you meet.

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