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  1. I really appreciate the time you took to write this up. All your points are super logical with the right amount of emotion ad it definitely helps me understand healthy ways to approach this together.

  2. No they don't. My wife doesn't like it either. 8 years ago we opened our marriage up and it was so wonderful to have the oppertunity to go down on a woman again. It was amazing just how much I had missed it and still miss it. ?

  3. Yea it doesn't make it okay but it does make it a whole lot more appropriate than how you had originally worded it. If you suggest a child is experiencing sexual abuse (i.e being forced to watch two adults have sex) lots of people are going to react… A lot of context is necessary if you're going to say something that is universally repulsive to 99.999% of people. While it's not really okay, it's better than what you were suggesting and it honestly isn't anywhere near as bad as you were trying to make it seem on purpose.

  4. I don't necessarily think is it this end all be all for him. I mean everybody likes to finish differently ,no? But yes tossing insecurities aside is a big thing for everyone and I think that's a good and quite difficult to achieve tip.

  5. OPINION SEEKING, POLLS, VALUE JUDGMENTS OR VALIDATION POSTS. This forum is not for simply collecting opinions – “do you think [X] is hot?”, “Women, do you like [Y]?”, “What is your favorite sex position?” and so forth. This is not a forum to discuss your penis size, breast size, labia size, ask about other body image issues

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