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  1. Honestly I'm horny all the time. It's normal and means you've got healthy sexual appetite. More worrying if you weren't

  2. If this happened in my relationship I'd want my ex to go fully scorched earth on the person sending videos. Would show how intolerable it is to her as well, which would be great to show we're in it together. And we can bond together by destroying her ex's future. Listening is easy, so it'll probably happen regardless if some random redditor tells her to. Taking legal action is something people might not think of on their own, or even really feel they should pursue, but a resounding call to do so could make them understand it's the right thing to do. Overall though, people can do more than one thing. She doesn't have to only pick legal action, or couples therapy, or listening. There doesn't need to be a “best advice.” You're not earning a blue ribbon from OP for getting one over on everyone else. Hope that helped clear your depression (the fuck?).

  3. Thank you for your perspective, and you’re very right. I think my issue is that I’ve always been told it shouldn’t be that important, and I’m guessing his issue is fearing inadequate performance (regardless of my words of encouragement). I think that sex counseling will be my next step. I feel like if I don’t try everything, I’ll wonder about it later on.

  4. Your post has been automatically removed because it appears to be about erection issues. We get numerous submissions regarding this daily because it happens to lots of men at some point. However, because it is a topic that comes up so often and is well covered by our FAQ our community has asked the mod team to direct posters with these concerns to these resources instead. If you're interested in discussion on the topic, please do a search of /r/sex and read some of the many past discussions on the topic. If you feel the topic of you post is not covered by the FAQ, please message the moderators and ask that your post be restored. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

  5. Ok You’re definitely a rapist. Consent is literally just saying yes. Can tell you don’t take no for an answer

  6. Every guy will act different when it comes to that. You know you got a good one if he doesn't make you feel bad about it. If he makes you feel bad, he probably isn't the right guy for you.

  7. Sure I would, I have no experience myself at 31. Can't get experience if no one is willing to be with someone who has no experience so…..

  8. I like sitting on my guy with my legs under his, backwards. Almost in the doggy position but he's laying down. I hope that makes sense. It's probably not reverse cowgirl and called something else but it's backwards with the girl on top. So good luck girl!

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