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  1. It depends on your tastes, the body shapes of the people involved and the mood of people having sex. I had a girlfriend who was incredible at doggy style. She was just spectacular at it. I had one girlfriend who loved 69.

  2. Well, if she says light bondage, she probably doesn't think about chains and leather. But maybe silk ribbon and a blindfold? If you think about it, silk ribbon comes in all types of widths, and you pretty much just need four pieces that for sure can be tied to each leg underneath the bed and reach far and well up on the bed…

  3. Man here, forties. Trust me, you're good; just keep looking, keep meeting and respecting women, and you'll find someone who likes what you like, and will remind you that you are no less of a man for it. In fact, she'll appreciate the kind of man that you are—a gentle one, it sounds like.

  4. Just wear the condom man. If she doesn’t like it, tell her it’s because you don’t want accidents even if she’s on the pill. I used to have a fwb in college who wore condoms because he said he didn’t want accidents, I respected his decision… also, it makes sure you won’t catch any diseases. It’s a win win.

  5. This. To put it crudely (and inaccurately)- Her body, her choice of what to put in it. His body, his choice of what to put it in.

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