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  1. Don’t bank on it being fast. I’ve assumed that before and sometimes if they’re anxious it can go the other direction and they can take awhile

  2. So you're saying that I'm disabled? Like, as a slur. How is being differently abled a valid slur? And so you're just saying that hundreds of thousands of people, if not more – are inferior because they are disabled? I'm just curious, because you just said that to me.

  3. First of all…my partner is under 6ft, and I call him daddy during sex sometimes. Secondly, he doesn't aggressively dominate. If you have a problem with it, tell your partners.

  4. Be careful with these types. They are super seductive, try your self-discipline, but are ultimately destructive.

  5. So he became who he really is, to top it off he has a garbage dick, I wouldn’t even bother with this idiot, if he wasn’t afraid of telling you it was your job to finish him off, nothing you say will be heard.

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