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  1. How old are you? How often are you using porn? Do you have a partner at all ? Do you ever juts use your thoughts? I’ve been through periods where I can think about is sex. And periods of porn use. Is it effecting your real life sex life?

  2. Yeah, this is a strange one. Is she religious and having her come do god moment? Or is she just a low libido person, but wants to get married and is just finding a novel way to string you along until it is harder to break up. You have to go with your gut feeling. If she isn't religious, the marriage thing makes no sense and I would be highly sceptical of her motives. Tread with extreme care if this is important to you.

  3. You sure were taken advantage of, even though you felt the need to comply you clearly stated no multiple times. Try to reach out to a professional or a close friend, or your parents if you feel like they coud be of any help, and don't blame yourself. Seek help. Don't engage in any further interaction with her before you've been able to process what happened.

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